Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Photos From Big Sky Country.

WOW, love the new camera AND our really, really cute kids!! We took the crew to the top of Big Mountain via gondola lift today and enjoyed lots of posing and playing around. Even saw Canada and some snow left over from winter.

We had lunch in Whitefish today, then had an afternoon on Big Mountain with lots of chilly photo ops and alpine slide rides. Then for our evening entertainment, we enjoyed having Grouchy join us for the second week we have made it to the Whitefish Farmer's Market. I was able to purchase some more very reasonably priced pottery.....LOVE IT!! The kids enjoyed pizza, ice cream and kettle corn, not to mention a couple of do-dads from some artists.

Wow, time flies!! The girls have decided to go to a day camp here in town tomorrow and Friday. Thursday we will leave Garrett with Mary and then trek into Glacier park for the drive on Going to the Sun Road. AMAZING!!! Saturday Ainslee leaves for her week of YMCA camp near Helena, MT. Then the BIG SURPRISE!!!! Yep, surprise is that one of Grouchy's sisters and her husband and kiddos are going to be flying up to stay for a week!!! That's next Wednesday. Our kids have NO IDEA!! HE HE HE!!! Oh, and then this Saturday is Garrett's birthday, celebrating it on a TRAIN!!!

Whew, almost 1 AM on Wednesday morning, so I should get to bed so I have energy to take more fun picture tomorrow!!!

Counting our blessings tonight. Please pray for those in this world who suffer tonight, especially my Granddaddy Horn.


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  1. Beautiful pictures!! The mountains are amazing. Looks like a professional photographer took them! The family picture is great and needs to end up in a frame. Love ya'll, Vicki