Saturday, July 24, 2010

Photos, Finally....

Garrett is holding the Thomas train from his birthday cake in this shot. I love it because just by accident, he is holding it so it appears to be ON the track as his birthday train is approaching!!! How cool is that??
One of the gifts we found in a neat toy store here in Whitefish, MT, is this music box. It has a king and queen who go in a circle on top and also spin while the music plays. He LOVES this one!! This is the first year I shopped for things and found things I KNEW he would like. Look how happy he is!!!

Oops....I kind of missed the candles when they were lit, but he is still blowing at least!!! Happy 5th birthday!!

Outside on the night before his birthday, before his little "party," he contemplates.....something.....

Then he snaps out of it and starts harrassing the photographer.

We have been so busy and having so much fun here that I have not taken time to download many recent photos from this trip, so here they are, finally!!!
Yes, these are all of our Garrett on his party night and on his birthday train ride day.
I will need to create a couple more blogs to share some other photos....

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  1. Happy birthday, Garrett! Looks like lots of fun!