Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Looks like our financing is working out to close on our house and guest house in Idaho in August or September. Lots of lookers at our home in Louisiana that's on the market, but most people need to sell a house first. We planned to sell our home in LA before buying in Idaho, but the place in Idaho was ideal for our household......one level, 4 bedrooms, new house, and then a 2 bedroom guest house in the very nice barn.....SCORE!! Price kept dropping, we went to see it and loved it and the small town nearby. Airfare is cheap, relatively speaking, into Boise, about 45 minutes away, so after a month of thinking and praying and then coming to Montana to cool off, we took the leap.

We are still well aware that things can change and mess it all up, but tonight I go to bed with prayers of thanksgiving for the blessing of the day's great news!!!

Also, I would like to share a quick GOD MOMENT with you!! We have a very dear friend from our church in LA named Bert. We absolutely LOVE Bert and his wife, Tricia. It was recently discovered that Bert had a brain tumor that has likely been growing 15 years....YIKES!! I will not share age, but Bert has adult kids......So the tumor was removed last week, but the surgeon informed them that he had to leave a piece behind and that radiation could likely reduce it to nothing. Well, this week, scans revealed the tumor is ALL GONE!! Bert and Tricia told the surgeon that they had lots of friends and family praying, and his response was, "Tell them to keep praying. It is working!." Ain't that grand!!!! God is all powerful, very mysterious, and plain confusing to me sometimes, but I thought it worthy to offer this as hope to you tonight!!!


P.S. Only three more days here in Montana. I will really miss this place!!!! Have to come back soon!!

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  1. AAAHHH! I can't believe we just couldn't get our act together to get up there to meet you! Time moves entirely too fast for me, by the time I know what's going on, it's over!

    I'm so glad you've enjoyed the time in MT!

    God bless,