Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Grouchy Made from Alaska to Montana

We were all smiles and laughs with excitement of picking up Grouchy at the tiny airport between Whitefish and Kalispell today at noon. Addie took a big leap right into his strong arms, and Ainslee would have beat her to it, but her seatbelt was stuck, as usual!!!

We came to our guest house and enjoyed a family sit-down lunch....and we have re-committed to doing these meals as the usual, again......We know it's best for all of us!! After Garrett and Grouchy took naps while the girls and I ran errands and shoppped, we all went to the pool in town again. The girls, Grouchy and I LOVE the indoor water slide there. It is super-fast!! Garrett likes the kid pool that is all 3 feet or less with fountains and those cone-shape water-dumping buckets. He also likes the hot tub and is JUST old enough to use it!!!! Plus it's all indoors!!

We came home for another nice, relaxed meal together, then took a long walk.....well, not miles and miles, but considering for the past year we haven't taken a family walk at all, 3/4 a mile was LONG!!! Garrett pushed his stroller, Ainslee rode a motor bike back and forth, and ADDIE WALKED with NO COMPLAINTS!!! I could see her legs wobbling, and once we got each other laughing so hard she fell into a pretzel on the dirt road and I had to help her was cute!!

Of course Garrett conned Grouchy into many, many rounds of Garrett driving the golf cart, or "go-cart" as he calls it!!! Grouchy loved that!!! We saw the same doe we saw last night. She is so large and so beautiful. We also enjoyed another beautiful sunset with the setting sun turning the mountains east of here a beautiful pink color every evening. So beautiful. NEED MY NEW CAMERA TO GET HERE!! The case came in today.....hopefully camera will be tomorrow!!

Everyone got in bed earlier than usual, so maybe we will all get rested up completely. Praying I don't have to get back to my exorcism gig again tonight!!!! Thanks to the many of you from the mito board who have given me confidence that the demon possessions are likely night terrors. We have never seen any of our kids deal with this before, and you all are right: it's scary!!!! I did only give two doses of his supplements and may move everything an hour earlier in his day, starting at 7 am and then 11am, then last one at 3 pm so he gets the meds earlier. I have heard from a few of you how the Carnitor can affect sleep some. Oh, and the smell of his poop has changed into total weirdness since two days after starting Carnitor. And the urine smells off, too. Thanks for the heads up!!!!

Got an offer on our house in Louisiana today. Tomorrow we should be working on a counter. It's always interesting!!!!

Hope you took time to thank God for the miracles in your life today!!!


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