Thursday, June 24, 2010

There's a naked lady behind every tree!!!!

Got your attention that time, I bet!!!
That's one of the things Grouchy had to brag to me about tonight from his latest employment venture.....He will be in the Arctic Circle on the north "slope" (which we have since learned is not sloped, but wickedly, desolately flat) of Alaska. His new job involves consulting regarding crew efficiency and safety processes in the oil field, both on land rigs and ocean rigs. This is his first Alaska trip, and he keeps saying over and over how interesting it is. What a new world to us all! We really never stop to think about all of the workings behind having the ability and freedom to purchase fuel for our vehicles and homes....perplexing!!! He sent photos of some Musk Oxen munching on the for only about 2 months of the year, oh, and not dark there at night this time of the year!! I seriously never thought this guy from Louisiana could EVER be the LEAST BIT excited to be in Alaska, really close to Santa...requests, anyone???

So when we had time to chat tonight, he told me that there is a naked lady behind every tree on the north slope......keep thinking......

Today I spent most of the day with Addie. She had an appointment to have two warts on each hand, and it was much, much more pain than we anticipated. We must have been a sight in the pharmacy near the doctor's office. SHe had her hands both up in the air to keep the blood from pounding down into her hands making the pain worse, and there I stood in front of her by the pain relief shelf, tearing into a box of chewable children's Motrin and shoving them into her mouth as she quivered and cried and sobbed. I told her it looked like a hold-up of some sort, like I was forcing her to sitck up her hands and TAKE HER MEDICINE!!!!! What the doctor warned would be 9-10 minuted of pain following the procedure ended up being more like 3 hours of immense pain.....and Addie is my tough one. Next to a quick lunch with my sweet, sweet friend and adventure racing teammate Rebecca at my FAVORITE restaurant!!! I NEVER eat at buffetts, but this is a Mexican buffet named El Magey, and if you are EVER NEAR Siegen Lane off I-10 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, you simply MUST try it!! SINFUL!!! Then we rushed over to another town nearby to the orthodontist. Addie will get her braces, or phase one of two phases of braces off on August 4! We ran a quick errand then to my friend's home to get Ainslee from her play date and then to rescue Aunt Jen from keeping Garrett all day. We then dropped off Garrett with Aunt Becca at our house where they swam together as us girls headed to see the musical Sleeping Beauty. It was not a Disney version, but it was really, really good!! We met friends there and then had ice cream at 10:30 at a McDonalds. Remind me to NEVER do that again....probably not safe. Not on Siegen Lane, anyway.
Addie and Ainslee were exhausted....and are very deep asleep in their beds. We all miss Grouchy so much!! Aunt Becca is hanging out with us the next few nights, so that's a blast, and a huge help. Most of all, she is tending Grouchy's beautiful veggie gardens. Such a farmer at heart!!! Love it!!

Busy day tomorrow. Grouchy's mom, DiDi is keeping the kiddos at her home tomorrow so I can get some things done...pack, clean, and on and on....and just be focused on those things.

So the naked ladies behind the trees where Grouchy is working....there are no trees.......

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  1. CL, you crack me up like an egg! I don't know why the things my kids say get stuck in my head and then I talk like a 9 year old!!

    Seriously, I'm so glad you started blogging! You are so funny and honest! I love reading!

    Have a great weekend! Oh and thanks for the tip about the restaurant! Looks like we will be back in BR often!