Monday, June 28, 2010

Doing the Willie Nelson

(typing way too early in the morning after way too little sleep, so no enjoy the humor in that...)

My parents always said we were "On the road again" like the old Willie Nelson song, so we adopted our own slogan for our traveling......Doing the Willie Nelson....we are on the road, in the bus, on the jet, train, etc., en route to Whitefish, Montana for the month of July!!! Doing the Willie Nelson!!!

About a year ago, as Grouchy's retirement approached, we had a dream of buying a motor home or camper and seeing the USA for 6 months. Those of you who know us "live" and many who have listened to me whine online, know Garrett is not so keen about the traveling, especially by road, so this had to be postponed.....or canceled....for now. Can you cancel something "for now?"

So we came up with another strategy: Grouchy is in Deadhorse, Alaska with his oil field consulting job, and he will meet us in Montana (there's a song here, too...WON'T YOU MEET ME IN MON-TA-NA...I WANNA SEE THE....). We will be there about a week before Grouchy arrives. Then we will stay until July 31, I think.....We are so excited to be returning to the guest house in the backyard of our dear friends' beautiful farm there. Jason and Sarah and kiddos lived near us in Virginia, and Jason and Oscar flew in sister squadrons while they were on two Navy cruises. We love them to death!! Problem is that they will only be there a couple of days before they travel overseas for the remainder of the month. BUT we will enjoy their lovely place and even try to ride a few of their horses for them...they have been too busy to ride in the past several years, and they have some horses we have ridden in the past.

Addie, Ainslee and I had a fun night last night as our good friend and neighbor, "Aunt Mary" brought us to the New Orleans Airport Hilton and enjoyed swimming and pizza with us!! We settled in for a 10 o'clock bedtime, but Mr. Sunshine Garrett was up singing at 3 AM!!!! We didnt' need to get up until 4, but he game me a laugh with his singing from the portable crib and then we had time to get repacked and for me to answer all his questions about how loud the airplane will be.....he is worried!! Can't blame him...he has grown up in horror of Grouchy buzzing the house in a jet!!! Again!! I am so good this morning that I got us here even earlier than I thought we needed to be.......I realized our flight is at 6:30, not 6...uuuugggh. Oh well, no napping, but we did get one yesterday, and I have prayed today will be smooth!! It's not the flying I anticipate to be a problem, it's the 4 hour rental car drive once we get to Spokane, WA!!!

That's about all the excitement we have here now!! We had a great weekend with good friends and Oscar's awesome family!! Thanks especially to Aunt Jen for all her help with packing, Garrett, taking the kids to Colton's party and just being a sweet sister to me. Thanks to DiDi for all of the childcare and love and food and time she shared with us. Thanks to Aunt Beth for taking our rather large, hairy yellow lab Remi for the month, and thanks to Aunt Becca for taking Addie's little mutt, Camper for the month......good luck with that one!!!! You guys are so supportive and helpful, and I cannot think of any better family I could have joined when I married!!!We will especially miss our time at DiDi's house while we are away. We look forward to a reunion at the end of July!!!!!

Also want to thank my girlfriends who have blessed me so richly......especially in this time of transition and uncertainty in our lives!! Lisa, I loved our late night and hot and sour soup. Charlene, I will miss watching you work out at our house....note I am not working out while she is!! Becs and Joles.....have fun racing without me. Vicki, I will miss you and your smiling tribe terribly, and Mary, well, you are really Aunt Mary after all!!! Kim, Tuesdays and Wednesdays will be, well, sad for a while!!! Love you!! And to my Mito Sisters online, I will hopefully have a good connection so will chat with y'all soon! Hugs to your little ones!!

Hugs and we will think of you guys as we soar the "friendly skies" today!!!! Hoping the skies remain friendly even while Garrett SCREAMS!!!


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  1. Looking forward to the updates on the "Willie Nelson". Hope the plane and rental weren't system over load for Mr. Bubbles. Love ya Sista