Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ainslee pee'd by the pool!!!

Ainslee is 7.
Ainslee is beautiful.
Ainslee is brilliant.....almost to a fault for a 7 year old.
Ainslee will do about anything to get attention.....even negative attention. (Hmmmm, should I take the hint?)

Wednesday, we had Kim's daughter Katie over by herself for a few hours. When the thunderstorms had passed for the second time, I let the girls swim. I was inside getting Garrett ready to join them when the door flew open and Katie says, in a giggly, shocked, embarrassed voice,"Miss Clara-Leigh (It you are not from the South, then you have no idea why she called me's just what we do here!!), Ainslee just pee'd outside!!!!"
Clara-Leigh: What?
Katie: She pee'd.
Clara-Leigh: Where?
Katie: By the pool?
Clara-Leigh: How?
Katie: She pulled her swimsuit to the side and just Pee'd.
Clara-Leigh: O.
Where did you pee?
Ainslee: Right here by the gate. (And there was the urine puddle, just in the middle of the area, running across the entire area now, where you have to walk to GET to the pool.)
Clara-Leigh: Why?
Ainslee: Addie does it all the time at DiDi's house. (DiDi is Grouchy's mom)
Clara-Leigh: Where?
Ainslee: By the diving board.
Clara-Leigh walks away, speechless, and if you have met me, know me, or have even read this blog once, you KNOW it takes a LOT to make me speechless........
I am still shaking my head over this one.



  1. hehehe!

    Cade, being a boy, was always going outside. When he swims, he'd get out and poke through the spindles on the deck rail to take care of business on the plants below. Well, no one told Gracie that she is a girl so one day I notice her "looking" through the rails only to realize that there is a puddle under her! Then she looks down all surprised like. She thought she could poke through and pee too! I'll never forget that day! Brought up some interesting conversations that I just assumed didn't need mentioning!! Of course she was 3 and he was 5 and I think she gets the difference now!