Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Offer on Home On the Range

Today we made an offer on the home on the range in Idaho. It's a little complicated since we have not closed on the sale of our home in Louisiana, but it's a step closer. Today was BEAUTIFUL. Yesterday it got pretty warm out here mid-day....83 degrees. But today it never got much above 70 because it was a little cloudy. Grouchy joked that "if it gets any hotter, I'll have to take off my long sleeves!" I wore a denim jacket with a sun dress today, and I was very comfortable. We also talked about how much we would love to see Addie out here. When we have taken her to Colorado and Wyoming in the spring, she is an energetic, excited little butterfly. Even her facial tone and expression seem just better....more tone, less wilting. We wished like crazy that she could have been with us today.

So we made the offer on "the" acreage with the home and guest home. We should know something by tomorrow at 5 pm. We fully expect a counter, and we pray we can get things to come to a mutually agreeable set of terms. I had been praying for specific things to work out, but then last night I realized I need to pray for guidance and peace in decision making so we had clarity of thought and didn't leave out any details. This morning, we had peace, and now we pray for patience and wait for a response.

In the morning I have to get up at the "doesn't make CL happy" hour of 4:30...YIKES!! We fly to Denver, have a three hour layover, then on to Birmingham to meet my dad and head to my parents' home for one more night before our drive back to Louisiana. Gosh we miss those kiddos!! We looked for souvenirs and ended up with stickers, really good-priced silly band bracelet thingies, a set of straws with connectors (yes, a billion tiny pieces and I am having to keep our house in perfect order for showing.), and my FAVORITE.....the largest colorful marshmallows I have EVER SEEN!! HUGE!! Must be 5 times larger than the large ones we roast over the fire!!!! So no logo items, neat, regional gifts, but giant marshmallows!! But that's what they love....well, maybe they will be a close second to bubble wrap! There's nothing cooler than the excitement kids have over the simple things!!

Tonight I pray for us and for you to appreciate the little things, the normal, the usual, and know it's not all a neat accident!!!


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  1. good luck with the offer...cant wait to see how things work out for yall. We will have to come for a visit. Maybe Addie can show madden how to ride a horse!