Sunday, June 20, 2010

Smiling Sunday

I go to sleep smiling tonight. Addie and Ainslee are in my bed with me giggling like the little girls they are.....angelic, truly!!! Now I have relaxed like I needed to, they are back to bratty girl stuff, but the really funny, cheeky sisters they are, laughing and joking and having a fun, tired night!

Grouchy headed out for his job today. We miss him terribly, but we are taking a deep breath here and trying to enjoy the week. The house is in beautiful shape, all the repairs and updating complete, it's clean and shiny, and we pray it will have a new owner soon!! Idaho here we come....maybe.....someday.

We enjoyed church today, and our dear friend Mary went to lunch with us at our second favorite Mexican restaurant, and then Mary watched the kiddos while I took Grouchy to his drop-off for work. When I got home, Garrett was napping and Mary and the girls were sculpting a horse from clay. It was so beautiful!!!! It will be baked tomorrow, then painted. THANK YOU MARY!!!

Last night's fog has lifted. I feel like it is a new day, and I can use it or lose it. Prayers, prayers, prayers for you and your families tonight.
Thank you for yours.


  1. Happy to hear tonight was better than last night. Many hugs and prayers from us to you and yours!!!

  2. I love your new blog setup. I know times have been tough for you all lately. You stay in my prayers.


  3. Clara Leigh,

    WOW, nice new digs over here on blogger! Sorry its taken me so long to check it out...Ive been out of sorts lately with everything. Behind in blogging, no p2p or facebook neither, just too busy with kids school stuff and Jacks ever ending thats my pathetic excuse!

    Been trying to catch up here. I pray the house stuff all works out and youll be moving this way soon----I do wish you were coming even closer! I would love to have you as a neighbor :) you and could get into all sorts of trouble and our kids would have a blast.

    Ill be checking in more now thats school is finally over, officially today, whew. Im definately sleeping in tomorrow!

    HUGS and prayers, talk soon :)
    Heidi & Jack