Monday, June 14, 2010

Home on this range?

Home, home on the.....range.....but which range???
Today Grouchy and I spent the day with our realtor, and now very fun friend, Maureen. She is such a kind person, and she even laughed at our jokes no one else seems to think are funny!! PLUS she has horses and has planned to show us around riding all over the area should we move out here.

I do have to take a moment to let you know the kind of stress Grouchy endured ALL DAY today. Grouchy is a fighter pilot, recently retired, but once a fighter pilot, always a fighter pilot. And he flew for 20 years in planes by other pilot, no navigator, no anyone else, but Bitchin' Betty, the computer voice in the jet he flew....but she's not real, we think.....
So here is Grouchy all day in a car with two women, Maureen and me, who are non-stop talkers. He always prefers to drive when we are together unless he is exhausted or has a headache or we are driving in an area with lots of tractors, in which case I have to drive or we end up in a ditch! But today he spent the whole day in the passenger with not only a woman driver, but a woman REALTOR, lots-of-talking driver, at that!!! We had some funny driving moments, but all in all it was just fine. Grouchy cannot speak for himself right now because he is so exhausted that we came back to the Hampton Inn, and he is snoring beside me!!!!!

We narrowed our search down to one place after looking at 5 homes on land today. It's a place with smaller acreage...less than 20 acres...and has a beautiful guest house. The main house is all one story except a bonus loft over the kitchen and garage. It is a lovely place, has room for horses, growing hay, an arena, and even a pool someday. Has a great front porch, a neat, large back patio, We got all stressed when we got back into our car today. Then we both realized we have not been praying about our decision making process. So we talked about things a little at dinner but then agreed we need to spend the night in conversation with God.
Does God translate snoring? Because if he does, Grouchy is having a major one-sided "discussion" right now!

Signing off to get on my knees and listen.....


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  1. Hehehe! Poor Oscar! On our trip I had 2 GPS plus myself and Cade liked to throw in his 2 cents quite often! Barry, too, is used to spending a great deal of the day alone and in charge! Poor guys!!

    I hope you guys find the perfect place and God reveals it to you as surely as He can! Maybe a nice rainbow overhead or shooting stars or something real dramatic, wouldn't that be cool! Or since you are listening, maybe just a small voice tugging at you heart and soul that gives you divine discernment.

    And it sounds like a guest house (or at least a room) is a MUST!!

    Stay safe!