Friday, June 18, 2010

MITO Cocktail, End of Day One

This evening ended Garrett's first day of easing into the "mitochondrial cocktail." He began the CoQ10 from Epic For Health yesterday at 4 pm. Three doses each day, 8 am, 12 pm, and 4 pm, and 100 mg each dose. My sweet sister in law, Jennifer, got the mail, tended the garden, walked the dogs, got our house in selling shape twice, AND even got Garrett's CoQ10 flavored for him!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! He loves it!!! Grape, it is, for the rest of the supplements when we start them!!! Next is Carnitor, three times daily. We have that on order with the local pharmacy. Garrett showed no obvious negative effects. He has been having #2 in his diaper all day long, and while he will have it lots sometimes, it's usually not over the entire day. Hhhhhmmmmmmm, maybe that's from the CoQ10 and that would be a good side effect, not a bad one!!! I was worried about how I would remember the doses. We only give him one med daily now, and it was always at breakfast. So I set my phone with three daily alarms, and it worked great. Now, next trick is to learn to plan ahead and take the supplements on the road when we will not be home for doses.....not so easy!! It's so hot right now that I cannot just take it in the car with me.....if you have ideas, post them to me here in comments!!! Might involve a cooler.....but the meds do not HAVE to be refrigerated. So that's good!

Our house has been on the market about a month, and we have had many people come to tour it. We have a contingency contract on it now, but it is still on the market, active. We had another showing today. We feel like we are nearing the end of the house-selling stress. It is priced right, and we really hope the people who have the contingency contract sell their home quickly. It is on over an acre, and our realtor previewed it and said it is a beautiful home. My prayer is that their home sells quickly, and they move here and enjoy this place. And of course we pray we can move on a house in the Nampa Valley in Idaho soon!!! There were three great prospects!!! We miss the awesomely refreshing days we enjoyed there. It is so hot and muggy here now.....but we spent a really fun time today with family at Groucht's parents' torn!!!

Thank you for following our nutty-ness once again. Love and peace.



  1. Great there are no ill side affects from the meds!!

  2. I noticed the same thing when I upped Asa's Q10. It was kinda a helpful side effect here too! It seems to have tapered off now though.

    I do the meds after breakfast, after lunch and after a noon snack. The carnitor is hard on Asa's tummy and not in a good happy poop way but a massive blow out way. Was that TMI?! Anyway after meals it is and all is fine.

    At home I pull up each dose after the meal. But if we are gonna be gone I pull up all the syringes and toss them in the diaper bag. So far so good with that plan. I did leave the diaper bag in the car for a short errand the other day and the car got hot quickly so I'll try to remember to get the bag out each time now. I usually carry a small cooler with icepacks and water anyway. I use them to keep the cooling vest really cool! But I don't see any need to bring full bottles of meds so I just pull up the syringes and it has been fine!

    Hope that helps. Seems like a loooong answer to a short question!

  3. Glad he did well with the CoQ10. Alex's meds need to be refrigerated, but I take doses with me in a bottle holder and throw in an icepack.