Thursday, June 17, 2010

Attention Passengers.....Home On the Range Delayed

Title says it all. The seller of the house in Idaho countered our offer, and we are letting it all just die.....again. Did this same thing last month.....long story. So we have an offer on our house with a contingency, and our house is still being shown. It was shown three times while we were in Idaho, and then it was shown last night, and there is another showing tomorrow afternoon. This may be a repeat showing....always a good thing! So we feel so thankful we didn't rush into anything and stick our necks out too far on the Idaho house. We like the place a lot, but there are two other propertied that were also AMAZING, and had livestock facilities already built. One had the neatest year...ever, and was a mile from a 55+ community with a gold course....Nina and Pop (my parents) would love the town houses/condos there!! It was beautiful! So we will let this house close, then make an offer for a home in Idaho at that time. We are frustrated we spent a couple thousand dollars traveling to Idaho to see this house we like, and the sellers still cannot seem to read our seriousness about their place. We were willing to move 2300 miles with three kids and horses to rent until our home sells. Oh well, they need the purchase complete, and I can understand that, too. Everything will work out beautifully for us. We know God is watching our back....and front!!!!!

Tomorrow, Garrett has to go to the local hospital's lab to have a STAT ammonia test run. His level was 80 (high) in the fall, and then Dr. Koenig's nurse called me this week because it was 120 this time. This test is a very sensitive test, and the nurse thinks it migh tbe a lab problem, so we will repeat in the morning....THANK GOODNESS not having to go to Houston!!!

Today Garrett' got his Medic Alert bracelet that Dr. Koenig recommended. He also started his first of 4 supplements that make up his "mitochondrial cocktail." Started with CoQ10, and each of the next sets of two weeks, we will add another one until all 4 are on board. Tow of the supplements are three times daily, one is twice daily, and one is once daily. Aunt Jen was sweet enough to take the first bottle of the CoQ10 to the local pharmacy to have flavoring added. It is grape, and Garrett seemed to be okay with it!!

My eyes are crossing. SOOOOO happy to be blogging from my own bed, finally!!

Working on the details of moving with the military office that deals with the moves. Need to at least get signed up and prepared.

Will be working to get the house back into the museum shape it has to be in for the showing tomorrow!!



  1. Aw, I'm sorry it didn't go as planned but you know that God's plans and timing is always better than ours anyway! I say look at the trip as a romantic getaway for the two of you and call it a success!

    Hope the ammonia is normal this time. I still haven't gotten any results or clinic notes from our visit. I'm so impatient!!

  2. Sorry the trip didn't yield your dream place, but it's out there, just waiting for the right time to show it's self to you!!