Saturday, June 12, 2010

Open the window.

It's official. Garrett has Mitochondrial Disease. I have been blogging on another host site for a couple of years, and then my dear friend Heidi (Hi Heidi and Jack.....see, I was listening!!) mentioned that it would be better if I could blog on a host to which people could subscribe, thus follow more easily. So here it is!!
I am out of words tonight, still numb, horrified and just plain tired from the past week's appointment for Garrett's muscle biopsy follow-up, coupled with last weekend's retirement bask for my best friend and dear hubby who just completed 20 years service in the United States military flying fighter jets. Yes, his call sign is Grouch, and I prefer a more affectionate name: Grouchy. If you wish to read our childrens' medical histories and history up to this point, please refer to the link above.
Grouchy and I are in Idaho for the next four days to roll our wagons onto a homestead....yes, just like Little House On the Prairie!!! We have dreamed this dream of moving West and having land for years, and now with the added push by Garrett and Addie's doctors for us to seek a cooler climate than the one in southern Louisiana which we now call home, this seems to be the next logical step. We have a great place selected, but the timing might not work. Our house is under a contingency contract, and the house out here is dropping in price, but that could hurt us as someone else might notice and buy it!!
Tomorrow we will go to a little church in the small town near the house, then cruise by the seven propertys we will be seeing with our realtor Monday and Tuesday. We are praying for this the right place, time, and arrangement? We are listening. The weather certainly is nice, I will give Idaho that!!!
As for Mito, I will have to save that very, very, very long conversation for another night, preferably when Garrett hasn't slept between Grouchy and me the previous night in a too-small queen size bed at my parents' home. Our luggage didn't make it, so goodnight without brushed teeth or a shower......CL


  1. Glad to see you started a blog. I've followed your other blog, but prefer blogspot since it informs me when someone I'm following updates.

    Hope you guys find the farm of your dreams!! husband goes by the name Grumpy!!!

  2. Love and miss you already. We drove past you house here last night and Stuart said "that's where they lived". I teared up. I'm so thankful that you seem to finally be on the path you've been waiting for. I will follow you on here, but I will miss you forever.


  3. Good luck, CL, with the new house. It sounds like the dream you've talked! And you and the family are in my prayers. I've missed seeing you in our little Sunday School class and pray that this move puts your family in a happy place. :)