Wednesday, June 16, 2010

One night rest then......

Just about to turn in for the night. Grouchy and I flew from Idaho back to Alabama where my dad picked us up from the airport and took us to my parents' home. We were reunited with our three precious rug rats. Wonderful joy to hold these little people again! We have missed them. My dad's father has cancer. It is a recent diagnosis. He is 90, and the physician thinks it is treatable, and probably curable. My grandfather started radiation treatments this week. We visited him last week. He was a little weak, but looked great. He got a little emotional (tears in his eyes) when we left this time. It was hard to say bye.

We took the kiddos up to visit my 95 year old grandmother and all her precious dog children. It was a brief visit, but I had the funniest conversation with my grandmother, who we call Buddy. My mother has a horse with Cushings Disease. Cushings is a disorder of the pituitary gland that causes muscle wasting, and excess hair growth....not just a little extra hair, but the horse has about 4 inch long hair ALL OVER HIS BODY!!! Out of his ears, all over his face, his legs look like a Buswiser Clydesdale's legs! And he is very, very thin, but he feels great, and the vet says to let him enjoy life. He still trots up to us when we visit. He winnies and acts like a young guy, and his eyes are still pretty and bright. So he has no idea anything is wrong! When I got here to Alabama the other evening, we went to visit the horse, and he was stressing in the heat. So we wet him with cold water and began to use some clippers to shave him to a short coat to help him stay cooler. Okay, had to set up for the story, so here's the funny:
The other night we had planned to go visit Buddy, my 95 year old grandmother, but when we saw the horse stressing, we canceled our visit with my grandmother to care for the horse. SO I am sitting on the couch with my grandmother today, and we are having a nice visit while the kiddos are playig with all the dogs around, and my grandmother says, "Clara-Leigh, I sure wish I had been able to have you over sooner with more notice so we could have had a meal with you here at the house." I said, "I am so sorry. We went to see Mom's horse, and he wasn't doing well. He has this Cushings Disease deal, a problem with the pituitary gland, and it has caused him to lose weight, and he has this hair that is at least 4 inches long and is sooooo curly. He looks so odd." My grandmother asks,"Is it just a big beard?" And I said,"No, it's all over his body, especially his ears, and his face, and his legs look so huge and furry. So we shaved his whole body so he will not overheat, but now Mom has to spray him with sunscreen so his skin will not burn in this hot sun since he has had so much hair that protected him until now!" My grandmother says, "Well, that is crazy! Are those neighbor ladies still cooking for him and taking good care of him visiting all the time?" It is at this point I realized she was thinking the whole time that we were talking about my dad's dad who has cancer! So we rolled in laughter!!! My grandmother was trying to picture my grandfather as some sort of werewolf!!! My mom and dad loved the story, so I thought you might get a good, free laugh from it as well!

That's all for tonight. We have not heard back from the offer on the house yet. Our realtor believes the sellers might be formulating a counter offer as they did last time. I am praying for an agreement we can all sign off on.


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