Friday, September 17, 2010

So excited to have guests!

One of our top priorities in a place, after we narrowed our search area for our "Little House On the Prairie On Steroids" experience was a house and a guest house. We moved into our house with Grouchy's mom, DiDi staying in the guest house for almost a week as we got settled. We hoped to have more visitors enjoy the guest house soon, but I had NO IDEA we would have so many wonderful plans come together from so many of our friends and family!!!! My parents are scheduled to be here October 16- November 2. Jason and his two daughters, our dear friends from Whitefish...the ones whose guest house we enjoyed all of July....are coming the first week or so in November. Aunt Jen and cousins Chris and Sarah are coming out November 20-25, and then our sweet friends Vicki, Laura, Leah and Jacob are leaving Daddy-Marty back in LA for 14 days to come hang with us....even keeping my kiddos for three days and two nights so Grouchy and I can go to his company's Christmas party in Texas. Whew, how much fun is all that!?!?!?!?

So that's the fall and half the winter. We have bookings open for Spring 2011 and will happily pencil you and yours in!!

Thank you to all of you who have sent messages, emails, posts and who have called to check on us. We are settling in!! I still have lots of photos and art to hang and many, many thousands more rocks to move, but it's looking better. Grouchy is working now, so he has a break from the rock farming. Oh, now I am adding turd farming to the rock farming we are doing. Grouchy selected a spot for our garden to form, and each day we haul poop from the horse area to the garden area. Hoping for a bumper crop this year!!!


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