Friday, September 10, 2010


The girls can finally go to the mailbox at our home!! In Louisiana, we lived on a very busy road with a very tiny shoulder and a little brother who would follow the girls if we had let them walk to the mailbox. Oh, and the dogs and cat would have been ker-splat, too. Here, we are on a very lightly traveled road. I think we have counted ten cars in a week....each one may pass twice, but still, there isn't traffic to speak of, so the girls can walk the long driveway to the mailbox. I happened to see them returning from the mailbox today and got this shot. I am also attaching a shot of the arena and the guest house for reference as things change around adding grass, for one.

I enjoyed picking up rocks, a wheelbarrow full...well, I enjoyed the first half, but not the second!! Who needs a gym around here??? My legs are so sore!!! I made a great fire pit for us to use when we have our campfire nights. We have always enjoyed a campfire, and we have weather for it now, too!!!

Tomorrow night, Grouchy and I will attend the local FFA chapter's "slave auction" where they auction off FFA members to do work in return for the payment to support the FFA chapter. We plan to "buy" a couple of guys to come rebuild the Rainbow play system we brought from LA. Grouchy took it apart but swears he will not even think about trying to get it back together!! We also heard from one neighbor that another neighbor had a Rainbow Play System dealership and is a pro at all that.....need to meet them...note to self!

Grouchy, the girls and I worked on the arena/paddock fence today..three strands of electric wire for now. In the future, like someday when we sell our LA house, we will take the wire down and put up nice!!! Grouchy keeps having neighbors come by to visit while he is working, but then he stops working while he and the guests talk, so today, about two hours were a wash!! Can't complain and the people are sooooooo nice and just stop in and are truly sincere...but I told Grouchy that he needs to just keep working and then ask them to help and keep talking while he has help!!!

Okay, here are the photos, and I am then going to sleep!! My apologies if they are before this text. I was told I might should cut and paste them to the right spot, but my eyes are crossing too much!! MUST SLEEP!!!!


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