Sunday, September 19, 2010

Back In the Saddle

Here are a few pictures from the girls riding Lucy and Ernie. Addie was very, very nervous, but she rode. We have so far to go to get her back to relaxing and enjoying it again!!! When the girls were done warming up the horses in the arena, I walked with them out into the freshly mowed 12 acre alfalfa field for us to take an exploration ride. Addie had me lead her, but towards the end I let go. Lucy, Addie's mount, got a little high-headed watching our neighbors horses run up to their fence to see us and decided to get off early. A few minutes earlier, Garrett realized we had wandered away from the house where he had been happily pushing his wheelbarrow, wagon and tractors and decided to take off with his Thomas blanket over his shoulders running across the field. It was too cute!!! Cute to the point I realized he was very unhappy with us for "LEEEEEAVING ME!!!!!!!!!!" SO he came along, walking beside me, but then wanted to get on Lucy when Addie dismounted. I convinced him to wait until we got back to the arena, and then he put on Addie's helmet and rode Lucy ALL BY HIMSELF!! He was so proud of himself, and he would grump at me if I touched the horse. He had the best time marveling over how he could control the horse. He made her walk, stop, turn and back up all on his own. He would say, "Wow, it works!!" I had to laugh...lots!!

Grouchy is out of town, so we all miss him terribly, but we are pressing forward to unpack, hang photos on walls, get homeschool lessons going so we can have lots of time off for visitors in the coming months, etc.
Hugs to you and yours, and may you be thankful for each of the day's blessings!!


  1. Everyone looks great! What a blessing to have horses right there on your own property!! I am convinced they are the best therapy around. :-) Thanks for the update.


  2. Fabulous pics! Pop is recouping from his root canal. Had a great visit with Buddy, bro and sister last nite. Still cancelled visit to Nancy and Chub's Thursday because of Buddy's fragile state. But all very optimistic. What a beautiful place you now inhabit! Can I come live with you? Can't wait to watch you all ride, swim and gym. Love the letters, Addie. Shame on us for our poor writing skills. Did mail some writing paper this a.m. You know, the out-of-doors is the best place for anybody to be. Winter will be wonderful, too. Love and hugs, Nina

  3. So Pop will fish while Ainslee does our nails? I sure can use a manicure. Ainslee, Buddy loves to have her nails painted when next you visit. When is the last time you did Camper's nails? Love, Nina