Thursday, September 30, 2010

Prayers For Another Mito Family, Please

I just learned that a child we met in Houston during Garrett's second muscle biopsy earlier this year passed away last week. Samuel Knight, 4 years old, died from complications of his fight with Mitochondrial Disease. His mom, Missy is a sweetheart, and his very special life was beautifully celebrated, according to a friend of mine who is close to Missy. When one of "our" kids leaves this earth early due to this disease, it really hits home with all Mito families. We all feel some pain and loss seeing a child fight a good, yet so incredibly unfair battle.

Please say a special prayer for Samuel's family tonight. He has an older sister, 18 months older, who has Mito as well. The Knight family is a beautiful example of never taking any time on earth for granted and celebrating every minute we have here.

Here is the link to Missy's blog so you can meet sweet Samuel and make a comment or contribution of you feel so led.

Godspeed and hugs to the Knights,

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  1. Saying Hi for the first time. What a lovely place you live and what a lovely family. Blessings to you all.