Thursday, September 9, 2010

Getting Acquainted and Photos!

Things are shaping up here in Idaho. We miss our family and friends, PERIOD!!!

However, we have joined the YMCA 15 miles from our little slice of heaven ranchette, and we have met some really neat folks!!! The girls are both on the swim team for Fall season, and today they started homeschool gymnastics. Their swim coach just happens to be our neighbor just down the little farm road we live on...three kids, homeschool, really, really fun people!!!! Meeting them helped the girls tons!! We have also located a church we want to try next weekend, and we have already signed up the girls for AWANA there!! Way cool!! Having kids whose names they know is so good. The girls were hanging in there well, but they were moody and were missing "home" in LA. Grouchy's mom was here for a week. We call her DiDi. She was so wonderful to come out here with us and help for the week. She left this morning. We miss her!!!! We could have NEVER gotten this much done without her!! Garrett woke her by banging on the guest house door this morning so she could watch him climb onto the bus IN OUR YARD...not out at the street, but AT THE DOOR!!! WONDERFUL!!!
Garrett was slated to have his first day at school Tuesday, but he woke up on the wrong side of the bed that morning, and then as he was sitting in my lap while I completed the paperwork at school, he barfed EVERYWHERE!!!!! "Hi, thanks for having us in your beautiful classroom...OOPS.....just a two foot puddle of neon yellow medicine barf on your nice, new carpet, my clothes, in my shoes, all over your new student. Think we will try this again tomorrow!!!" SO that's how that went!!

Grouchy went to swim team with us and dropped us off so he could get more fencing supplies. I had time to do some pool therapy with Garrett before he requested to go to the playroom for childcare. He and I enjoyed the indoor spray park and the lazy river. The girls had a very tough practice, especially for Addie who hasn't worked out in the pool since last summer really. Then they had fun on the diving board and indoor water slides before Grouchy picked us up and treated us to YUMMY Mexican favorite!!! We then took a detour to get some vapor bath for a certain someone in the house who will not publicly admit he likes our new bathtub and some wine at the end of brutal fence-building days!!! We are now enjoying a movie, Dust Factory. Picked it up for $2 in a local little grocery store. It is approved by some of the family organizations.....weird movie so far.

I will again attempt to attach photos, although I have not been able to lately. It worked, but they are at the top of the least I can upload again!!



  1. So glad y'all are settling in! It sounds like the kids are doing great.

    Side note: I always have to cut and paste my pics on blogger. No matter what I do, they end up at the top. I loved your pictures, though! Beautiful family!

    Take Care!

  2. My kiddos LOVE your pictures! Laura says it looks like Lucy and Ernie are in love! That is just such a neat picture. The kids pictures are so pretty. It is amazing to see them in long sleeves(Addie even has two shirts on!). must be nice. Addie's smile sure looks pretty!! Love ya'll!!