Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The past month has been like a big vacation from reality for us when it comes to Garrett. He is outside as much as he can be, enjoying everything he can find that doesn't make him mad, well, and that's pretty much bugs now. A few days ago I was inside doing one of my domestic goddess activities when I heard this horrifying scream from Garrett. He was on the treehouse platform of the swingset with a bottle of the girls' hair detangler screaming, "It's a BUUUUUUUG!!!!!!" Only two days later did I get the full story. He originally took a bottle of my kid-safe kitchen cleaners out to do the dirty work, but Ainslee convinced him to use her detangler bottle instead, since she had refilled it with water when the detangler was gone. Problem was he was too scared of the bug to squirt the water!!! Our very kind neighbors came over to help us set up the swingset Oscar took apart in LA. It is one of the Rainbow swingsets, and the children love it. We had trouble getting it completely finished because a few key bolts were damaged so that the nuts would not screw on. So our kind neighbors took those home to rework them and will return to complete the swingset later this week. We did, however, get the main section up that has the treehouse part, the climbing wall, rope ladder, tire swing and slide. Here you will see Garrett enjoying a free afternoon on his tire swing in his diaper and rubber boots!
Ainslee and Addie enjoyed some make-up application time on Sunday afternoon. Notice the bystander's scowl of disapproval....

Random: Here's our living room in our new home:

Addie and a neighbor were about to climb on the hay, but the cat beat them to it. I thought this was a neat shot.

The sky was brilliant Sunday night after we wrapped up Sundae Sunday Night, a new tradition our household has started, with some new friends/neighbors.

I want to share some neat God-sightings we have experienced lately. I already mentioned our loving families' support throughout our decision-making and moving process. I am sure there are still some not-so-great feelings a couple of folks have about our decision to move away from most of our family, but I rest well each night as I recall the prayers I lifted to the heavens asking for counsel, wisdom and guidance in finding the best place to bring up our children. I have probably mentioned the neighbors, several of them, who have made the trip over to our house, not having any idea who they might encounter in order to deliver cookies, meals, a warm welcome, handshake, and invitation to church. Our closest neighbor is a couple that has ten children, all out of the home but the youngest, a young adult daughter with Down's Syndrome. The mom is not in great health, and must wear oxygen, but cooked us a homemade dinner of THE MOST AMAZING enchiladas complete with spinach salad and homemade warm salad dressing. Then the realtor who had our home listed not only brought over livestock panels so we would have a place to house the horses until we built fence, but within three days of our arrival, he brought a large container of fresh, hot homemade chocolate chip cookies baked fresh by his sweet wife. Then we found the nicest pediatrician! Love her!!! Next it was on to the YMCA where we met the swim team coach/neighbor who has three kiddos, an incredibly fun, personable and kind wife, and are a military family AND homeschool!!! From there we learned about homeschool gymnastics, and the new neighbors who homeschool have been carpooling with us some.....such a big help!!! After that, we met more neighbors....a retired fighter pilot and his dear, sweet wife, who own over 100 Appaloosa horses and live near the end of our road. The same neighbor who helped with the swingset brought by fresh eggs from their hen house and the WHOLE SET of the Which Way USA activity set that they ordered for their grandkids but never used....all necessary duplications were made, they were alphabetized and cataloged into standing magazine boxes.....how cool!!!!! Then we had to take Camper to the vet yesterday for a very sore paw. The vet tech was so sweet to my three kiddos, and the female vet was so nice that she let us all stick around to watch Camper be sedated and have surgery on his foot!!! Camper had a sort of grass seed work up into the area between his little toes and cause an infection. The piece of seed needed to come out, but the vet couldn't find it. Camper stayed over last night to recover, and we will pick him up this morning. The kids were SO GOOD, and it was a good experience for them to see the procedure. Then yesterday around noon, Grouchy called from Alaska, where he was working for two weeks, to let me know that he might be able to come in that night instead of Wednesday afternoon.....SCORE!!!!! Problem was that he was going to fly in at almost 11:00 PM into Boise, about 50 minutes away from home. I called the listing agent's wife.....one who sent cookies and livestock panels....and asked if local rumors of babysitters among her household was true, and it WAS!!!! Not only did she confirm that one of her girls could babysit, but she also chatted with me for the longest time and even looked online for movies for me to take the girls to when I mentioned we might go to the movies but our internet was not cooperating for me to see listings. How nice was that?!?! So Ali came over last night, and we put it all together that she is also the girl who Grouchy and the kids buy ice cream from in town at the ice cream shop AND the local FFA chapter president. Really neat young lady....beautiful, smart, caring...total package!!! AND when she got here, Garrett gave her a tour then walked up to me and said," Mom, can you leave now?" Can't get a better approval rating than that!!!!! So I took the girls shoe shopping, to dinner, and then we picked up Grouchy. We are so glad to have him home but a little sleepy.....some people still sleeping...from the fun, late night.
I share all of these blessings, and leave out many like finding AWANA, finding a great church nearby, very sweet pharmacist in the local grocery store who showed her stallion in the AQHA world show this past year, the friends we are meeting at the YMCA....to show how God provides for us....not just health-wise, although we are seeing those benefits here too, but in our emotional lives. Sure, we are still struggling with adjustment issues some, Grouchy's career change, questions about what we will do when we grow up and how our kiddos will do, but God shows us His face through the kindness and love of other people and the beauty of His creation as I watch the sunrise over the mountains this morning. That sustains me this morning as I pray got God to show us where he wants us to fit into this community, this world......no what does he want US to do?

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