Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Nice Day At Home

Last night I mentioned Camper's surgery on his paw. Well, here he is at home tonight feeling very humiliated in his "Cone Of Shame!?

Below, Garrett ran inside this evening with something in his hand, bounced off my leg and held up this tiny purple flower and said,"Here, Mommy, this fwowuh is for you!" I melted!

Here's Garrett's sexy pose!!
And below, here is Garrett in a monumental change. He LOVES water, but NEVER has liked it on his head or out of his control. This week he decided that he would be okay playing in the sprinkler. THIS WAS HUGE!!! Here he is after his nap in his jammies and rubber boots running through the sprinkler's rain!!

Ainslee and Daddy took their first ride together at our ranchette today. They rode at least three miles along the sandy road that runs along the large irrigation ditch behind out house. It was a beautiful sight to see them slip from my sight walking together, Ainslee chatting endlessly....I have NO idea where she gets that!!!! Aaaahhhh.....beautiful freedom. And while they were riding, Garrett was playing outside moving the sprinkler around to random places in the yard. Addie was watching some television, and then Grouchy and Ainslee returned, we switched some saddles and Addie and I took a short ride. She especially enjoyed riding along out alfalfa field down to the mailbox at the end of the ride. She slid off Ernie, checked the mail, and then walked home. I ponied Ernie home for her just like I did last week. We saw Farmer Bob, our next door neighbor, and asked if we could pick his apple orchard for him and bring the apples to his house.....it's a little land-locked one acre field with several varieties of apple trees. Farmer Bob said they would not use them, but for us to take all we want....HOW FUN!!!!! Addie and I each ate one today, and Ernie and Lucy were trying to pick them off trees!! THAT was funny......like watching kids bob for apples as the horses were just chasing the branches all over the place! We will be picking and sharing lots of apples! Might need to learn to can??? freeze?? Insert sound of crickets chirping...
Our dishwasher should be repaired Thursday AND the sofa for the guest house arrives then, too. YAY!!! The soda is a red, cloth, very simple sofa. Couldn't see another plain, neutral sofa in our life! Oh, and need another microwave....how exciting!!!
Grouchy is home, and we had a day of just being home today. Only outing was going to the vet to get Camper. We enjoyed just being here. One of our neighbors came over to meet Oscar tonight. They enjoyed getting to know each other, and they seemed to hit it off.
All's finally quiet here, so I sign off feeling so blessed. Thank you, God, for this life and these times. I hope I don't take them terribly for granted!!!

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  1. Not kidding, I was just thinking the photo of Ainslee walking with dog looked just like you used to look when I first noticed you growing up!! Incredible! Just wish Chip was here to enjoy the apple pie the girls make- his alltime favorite. RSVP For when we all get to heaven. Please have them send me (not heaven) their recipe. Wish I had the family photo at the falls. I read Missy's entire story, and Pop and I will send to Mito. What an inspirational family. RED ALERT: Pop can't chew or have caffeine from now until after his test tomorrow.