Sunday, September 12, 2010

I figured it out....

So these rocks that are haunting us. I promise they multiply while we are sleeping. And I don't mean pebbles.....although we have millions of those. I mean ROCKS, as in baseball size and larger....not even possible to think we could ever mow the yard IF we ever get grass to grow. Here's the deal. I think that people here think we are aliens from the planet Mamma-n-dems (for those of you not living in Louisiana, that means Momma and Thems, or all the family you live near if you live in Louisiana).We were sent here to terrorize the local, laid-back farming community with out redneck ways. To combat that, the law-abiding, mostly Morman, neighbors here on Succor Creek Road, got together and developed this plan. Each night as we are sleeping, the farmers take turns picking up the rocks from their yards and then spreading them across our yard. See, makes complete sense!!! I'll rest better tonight having figured that out!

One of my friends commented on her yesterday that we should make a garden from the rocks....we already are!! We have lined the path from the house to the guest house, and the children named it the Coffee-Wine Path in honor of Grouchy's mom. It's a pea gravel path with our friendly rocks lining each side of it. Then we are putting rocks in all the areas where people in Louisiana would plant green plants, flowers, etc. Two days ago I spent three hours collecting rocks out of the riding arena/paddock area and built this wonderful rock fire pit for our plan of continuing our frequent campfires and bonfires. I have to mention that Grouchy has wanted very little of my help building fence, so I have still been busy, but it was mostly trivial things like the rock pit and feeding the family. It turned out so well...I need to take a photo and post!! Next will be continuing to line the driveway nearest the house with these rocks. When we build a garden for growing veggies and the like, we plan to border it with for dinner, anyone? We know what we send home with everyone as souvenirs!!

Speaking of rocks, we have thunder eggs here,too!! I thought they were just in a local canyon area, but upon more internet research last night, I realized we have them by the hundreds, RIGHT HERE!! They look like little plum to bowling ball-sized meteors. They are charcoal grey in color, are round, and if washed, you can see some shiny places on the outside. However, if you cut one open and polish it, it will yield beautiful surprises of different colors of agate and some crystal formations. Some are solid and some hollow. We read most here in this area are white agate inside. I found beautiful one partially busted open by the tractor, I am sure, and it was baseball size with a layer of clear crystal nearest the outside of the rock, then the inside was ivory color with some red veins. It is beautiful, but not even polished yet!!! My father, Pop, plans to buy a lapidiary saw to cut the thunder eggs open and a polishing machine to bring out the brilliance and make them shine. You may have seen pieces or "slices" of thunder eggs sold as jewelry or coasters for drinks. I have seen larger ones simply sliced in half and used as bookends. Some had blue, green, amber, or pink even!! Either way you slice it...ha...we are excited to know we have so many here and cannot wait to start cutting and polishing! What a fun project!! Grouchy isn't sure it will make us rich, but the children and visitors should enjoy it!!! So come hunt thunder eggs with us!!! All you have to do is walk outside!!

My half-dose of Tylenol PM is kicking in. Grouchy and I had a stomach virus today. It's probably the one Garrett had Monday. Nothing violent, but just feel plain yucky. We have been pretty useless today except for Grouchy taking the girls to the local Church of the Nazarene's family festival and round-up at the fairgrounds in town today. There were games for kiddos, food, fruity drinks, a team roping contest and a breakaway roping contest, door prizes, music and more. They also had a horse trainer doing clinics on starting colts and loading horses onto trailers for the first time. I stayed home in the fetal position in bed. Grouchy came home and joined me. The kiddos were ANGELS!! Addie fixed dinner for everyone....peanut butter and marshmallow sammies and brownies with whipped cream for dessert!!! And Grouchy and I ate next to nothing all day!! She even brought us water and coke in bed....each our specific type, and she even put some Captain Morgan in Grouchy's!!!!! She is amazingly thoughtful!! Ainslee had a fun evening playing with the cat and dogs outside, and Garrett chased the sprinklers with me. We run one for two house, then have to move it, then move it again, then once more to get front and back yards going with the grass seed out there....we hope!!

Hugs to you tonight. Please say and extra prayer for a family with a son with either Duchenne or Becker Muscular Dystrophy in hopes the drug trials they are about to begin will give them hope and more time.


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  1. This has to one of my favorite posts! I loooove rocks! I once had Barry get me a pallet of rocks for my anniversary! And the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Graice has several rock collection that are lovingly organized in egg cartons! I'm thinking that if I had to deal with them like you though, I lose my fascination!

    I'm so glad y'all are settling in and having such adventures!