Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Shared My Bed With a Younger Man.....While Grouchy Out of Town.

And I feel no guilt whatsoever!!!

It all starts with Garrett's tummy. He has battled constipation for years now. And recently we ran out of one of his Mito cocktail supplements, Folic Acid, and the compounding pharmacy took a while to get it in, so he was off of it for about 5 days. Meanwhile, he started pooping daily.....AWESOME!!! But then he stopped. Then a day later we got the Folic Acid back into his little body and the poop came again, every night!! It was great! Then three days ago, that stopped. So I had to add more Miralax and then ExLax as well. So yesterday he was grumpy about pooping a bit here and there and made he couldn't wear big boy undies. Then while Shelby had him last night he was still very upset and not passing anything but dry bits here and there. So Shelby put him in our bed since his bed linens were still drying from the previous night where he was so constipated he dug in his diaper and bum to get it out and smeared it all over himself and his linens in his sleep. He fell right to sleep on my bed with the heated mattress pad on. Then he woke once and Shelby offered to let him take a bath and he said no and fell asleep again.

Addie, Ainslee and I had been to a 4-H community service planning meeting and when we came home Garrett was fast asleep. I got the girls to bed in Addie's room and went to check on Garrett. He was zonked. I made his bed but thought it would be good to let him sleep with me if he would. That usually doesn't work as he wakes and realizes there is someone IN THE BED to talk to and won't be quiet!!! However, last night it worked. He was so restless and rolling into a ball and rocking and rubbing his tummy in his sleep. Finally, at 2:00 this morning the flood gates opened and I thought it was over. He went back to bed. But nope, the gates opened again at 5:00, 6:00 and then three more times waiting for the bus just around 7:00.

SO there ya have it, my confession of sleeping in the bed with a young, slim, blonde.......and his STOOL!!!!!

He snuggled with me before we got up, and his little body feels so tiny and skinny but sooooo soft and sweet. He sat on my tummy this morning in the dark and took my cheeks in his little soft hands and said, "I love you Mommy," and then kissed me on the lips and then gave me an Eskimo kiss. And I melted!!!! I am in love....again!!! But with TWO men now!!!


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  1. Poor Garrett! We've gotten a lot of help by adding L-Reuteri. It's a probiotic that works specifically on the bowels. You can usually find it at some of the better health food stores which can be somewhat of a pain but totally worth it in my opinion.