Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tractors, Ponies, and Mice......NICE!!!

So why do cats do this???? They PLAY with their food! Look at the mouse!! It is on its back, eyes open, "playing dead," for Ainslee's cat Diamond. This morning before I got up, Grouchy saw Diamond batting a mouse around, but the she let it run under the oven. So when I had finished cooking this morning, I pulled the drawer our from beneath the oven and within 5 minutes Diamond had crawled under and reclaimed her prize. She then took the mouse to the landing to the bonus room stairs, and THIS is what I saw!! Grouchy finally caught and killed the little devil, and now I have two more drawers in the kitchen that have to be disinfected as cute little mousey left some "droppings" for us......EVIL!!!!

Over the summer Grouchy bought two young horses, and both have just come home from 30 days of horse boot camp. The above photo is Grouchy riding Smokey, who will be four in the spring and is HUGE!!! This was Grouchy's first ride on Smokey, and he did great in 25 mile per hour wind and very cold weather. He has also ridden Smokey's half brother, Dusty, who Ainslee has claimed. Dusty will be 3 soon. The two horses have the same sire (baby-daddy).

And finally, LOOK AT GROUCHY'S SMILE!!!!!
That's the beautiful man God so generously placed in my life. I just love him! He and Garrett took a spin in our new tractor. Garrett was giving me a thumbs up, and Grouchy was so happy and proud!!!



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