Monday, January 30, 2012

Who's the Old Guy???

I may have blogged this cute story before, but it keeps coming back up in my mind to share, so here goes!

We are blessed to have a family nearby who have become very dear friends. In fact, of the parents and seven kiddos, I think every one of them has watched Garrett for us at one time or another.....the oldest son even on the weekend before his OWN WEDDING!!! They don't make many people like that anymore!! This happens to be Shelby's family!

During the summer, they let Garrett go to church one Sunday and then to the grandparents' home some afterwards while Grouchy was traveling for one of our business ventures or his real job, and I had to be somewhere with Addie and Ainslee where Garrett would have been in danger or a huge distraction. Garrett had taken a liking to the movie "Up" at that time. He loved to watch it over and over and over get the point. If you have not seen the movie, and I recommend every adult should see it, the three main characters are an older man, a boy and a dog. Well, after church, Garrett piles into the backseat of one of the family's many vehicles right next to Grandpa. Grandpa apparently is fond of Garrett and Garrett likes him as well. But as the car starts down the road Garrett bursts out, "Who is the OLD GUY!?!?!?!?" Everyone got really quiet for an awkward moment until Grandpa answers, "Well, I guess I am!!!" And then a roar of laughter followed. But what was really funny was that not long after that exchange and laugh, the family members in the care realize Garrett was asking the name of the old guy in the movie "Up!" Then that brought about even more laughs!!!!

Leave it to someone in my household (usually me) to say something completely obnoxious, out of place or plainly innocently WEIRD!!!!

And to Grandpa, thanks so much for loving my boy!! I hear he was perched in your lap yesterday at your house while your sweet family cared for him. I appreciate all of the love and friendship each of you give my little man!!!!!!


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