Wednesday, January 18, 2012

She Took It On Herself.........POWERFUL TESTIMONY

This morning while Grouchy was talking to a college friend of his, Kimberly, he walked over to me and said, "Here, tell Clara-Leigh your story." So I greeted Kimberly, whom I have only talked to a couple of times but whom I absolutely appreciate and respect for her kindness to us and her incredible work in an organization she worked to create that helps returning veterans and their families have a camp-type experience that gives the entire family r & r, counseling and the patriot's welcome they deserve. And then this story.......was shared via phone:

A few days ago Kimberly walked into the grocery store to get a few things while her husband waited in the car. She walked into the veggie section and noticed a boy who was behaving in a way that made her realize right away that he was probably autistic. The boy was playing with signs in the area and had just started to twirl and touch a promo sign hanging overhead and just had "that look." Kimberly noticed the mom right away with one of those "I better hurry up and get this shopping done while he is somewhat occupied" looks and also noticed the mom had another child in her shopping cart. About this time a man walks up to the boy and grabs him by the arm and begins to verbally scold him for playing with the hanging sign. The mom turns to the boy and the man and begins APOLOGIZING to the man!!! At this point, Kimberly said that the mom became me, and that getting to hear our stories through our blog, she knew she had to do something. So she acted, right then and there! But not in a way some would have with anger and negativity. She brilliantly turned it around and approached him, essentially telling him to stop, but then he started telling her about how well-behaved his children are. And then she dug her heels in. "So do your children have any issues? I mean, do they have any problems or challenges or anything like that?" WHAT?? Isn't that about the most prefectly-formed method of dealing with someone like this?!? He says his kids have no issues, but as it evolves, the other shoppers have stopped walking and shopping and are now all focused on the confrontation at hand. The man starts the babbling about his kiddos and then turns and walks away with one of those lame flips of the wrist to put off the other adult in the conversation, Kimberly. As he walks away, Kimberly sees that no only has the mom teared-up, but she is now crying. Kimberly hugs her and bursts into tears as well, and then the shoppers start the APPLAUSE!!!!!! This could have been a movie scene! Needless to say, she returned to her husband in their car, and she was a crying mess telling him to, "Just drive!" I am so inspired by her willingness to take up for OUR KIDS!!!! Each of these children is created by God, and not only should a mother of an autistic or "special" or disabled child EVER need to apologize as she is as raw and real and exhausted and kind as any woman on earth, but she did NOT ask to be in this situation, nor did she EVER intend for her child to impose on any other human in any way. But it happens. We have to shop, occasionally go to a gym for a workout, take our family to church or a movie.....We find ourselves feeling like we need to tiptoe around the rest of the normal world, feeling like we don't want to disturb, disrupt or inconvenience anyone. But in truth, our children have the right to be who they are as they own this air we breath as much as the man in the produce section. It's true!

Kimberly is such an amazing lady, and her willingness to step forward on our behalf for another mother and child brings me to tears tonight. THANK YOU!!!!!!

Let us all use moments like this to inspire us to the ultimate compassion, love and kindness that God pressed into each of our souls as He sent us to Earth. Stand up, don't be afraid, and be an example.

Godspeed and be strong!!!


  1. Wish there were more out there who would do this....give my lil buddy a big hug :)

  2. God bless her and all those like her! I prob would've just punched the guy in the nose, but she handled it much better! :-)

  3. What a touching story! Good for her!!!

  4. Amen, Clara-Leigh, what a fantastic friend you have!
    Thanks for sharing this story,