Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Tears Just Pour

The tears, they spill out, flow over, squirt out, and sometimes flood the room I am occupying when I let myself take in all the love and support our little guys receives. Just today we had a personal care services worker who cares for Garrett four days per week hand over most of her days to a new worker, and not because of any problem but because she was working with Garrett temporarily as the PCS agency was trying to find someone who lives closer to us. Both of these young ladies are beautiful, smart, kind and compassionate, but seeing one have to step away and thinking of how special she is to me after just a month of working in our home with Garrett....WOW!!!! I CRIED!!!

I am one of those people who rarely will cry at a funeral but will use a whole box of Kleenex at a wedding!!! There is just something miraculous and very emotional about that bonding of two people....well, unless you know you are attending someone's "first wedding," as Grouchy once described a friend's upcoming ceremony. Let's face it, we could all tell it wouldn't work.....but the two young lovers could not!! And when it comes to the emotions I have toward the people who work with Garrett, I am a total, useless mush!!!

I cry at the end of a school year as we say so-long to teachers, therapists, and aides. I cry when a therapist moves away or changes jobs and says goodbye. I cry when a caregiver has to move on to other clients and away from our lives. And I even lose it sometimes at doctors' offices when the doctors and nurses love Garrett so completely!! What a mess!!!!

But for now I want to introduce to Garrett's Shelby. She has probably graced the blog before, but this is a recent photo of them together. Shelby is Garrett's developmental therapist. She is a full time high-schooler, and a perfectly delightful, beautiful, fun and SOOOO SWEET young lady. She has out total trust and complete appreciation for the 22+ hours she has Garrett every week. And this web site doesn't have enough space available for me to expand on how amazing she is with Garrett!

Garrett and "His Shelby"

For now I don't have to cry about "Garrett's Shelby," and I know someday she will have to move on and continue with her dreams......or maybe we will lock her in our guest house and feed her and care for her but never, ever let her leave!!!!

Shelby, thank you for loving Baby Robot so much!!! We adore you!!!!

Godspeed and thank a caregiver today!!!!

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