Saturday, February 4, 2012

Is the Doctor Going to Cut MINE Off ???......and other recent funny stories

Is the Doctor Going to Cut MINE Off?
Addie's Pug puppy, Eli, was neutered on Tuesday. I picked up Eli from the vet with all three of the kiddos in the car. When Addie walked out to the car with a very, very droopy and groggy Eli, Garrett asked why he was at the doctor.
"Is Eli sick, Addie?" Garrett said.
Addie answered, "No, he is not sick. He had to have a surgery, Garrett."
"But what did the doctor do to him? He looks sad. Did he get a shot?" Garrett asked.
Addie explained, "Garrett, you know those things that hang behind your penis? Well, the doctor had to cut those off so Eli cannot make babies."
And Garrett exclaimed, "I hope the doctor doesn't cut my penis off!!!!"

DSi Smuggling and Higher Thinking
Thursday morning as the bus was coming up our driveway, I asked Garrett to put down his handheld video game, the DSi, and he just stopped and held it and was thinking. I asked him to just put it on the living room table, but he still stalled for a moment. Then he took off running down the hall with the DSi. I yelled,"Garrett, come put the game down and get on the bus!!!" He yelled back,"I have to go hide the DSi so Shelby won't take it away when I have to do my work!!" When his developmental therapist, Shelby, comes over, he has to do work she gives him and take part in activities she plans that coordinate with his IEP and plan with the service provider. So he knows when she comes he has to hand over the game until he earns time to play by doing his "work!"

Successful Hiding
Remember the story just above about hiding the DSi before school? Well that same afternoon when Shelby arrived, he grabbed his DSi and ran back down the hall to his bedroom. Shelby asked where he was going and he shouted,"I am going to go to my room and hide my DSi in my closet so YOU CAN'T FIND IT!!!" Okay, so we need to work on the complete concept of hiding, but at least his little mind is letting us see how much is actually going on!!!!

And I am sure more stories will surface soon!!
Godspeed and don't forget to look for the awesomeness of the simple things your kiddos do!!!!

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