Friday, January 27, 2012

Me, the Only Person Crying In WalMart Checkout

Garrett and I went to WalMart the other night while Addie and Ainslee were trying a ballet class. I had to get only a few things, so it was quick. And that's not Garrett's favorite way to do WalMart! We get to the checkout area where he is known to have sumo wrestler-size meltdowns, but he stays with me and starts looking at all of those racks of tiny impulsive-buy items by the cash registers. He picks up a toy and asks if he can buy it. I say no. It's one of those clear, plastic globes on a stick with lights that spin inside. It was a miniature one and was about $2.50. He doesn't protest, so I turn away to put the items on the belt, assuming he is returning the toy to its place. When I turn back to him again, he is doing all he can to cradle three of the light toys in his little arms and smiles so big. And I say, "Garrett, now I said 'no.'" But then he completely wows me, melts me and breaks my heart with a concept I had no idea he could manage!!
"But mom I have three! I want them for my girls. I have one for me, one for Addie and one for Ainslee. All three!!!"
I almost fell over!!! I was excited, proud, surprised and so THRILLED at this type of thinking and consideration!!! It was a HUGE mental leap for him to verbalize that AND to think of his two sisters!!!!!!!
So I gave him a huge hug, holding up WalMart 6:00 shopping rush hour and told him to please put the three toys onto the belt so we could pay for them. Bet I was the only mom crying in joy in the checkout line at WalMart!!!

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  1. Thats so incredibly sweet! Im sure any mom could appreciate the thoughtfulness that Garrett showed for his sisters but only a mom of a child with SN would really "get it". )))Hugs(( for you and Garrett