Monday, August 1, 2011

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Back earlier this year when Garrett would wake and play his own CD player very loudly every morning to wake everyone, he would usually start with The Lion Sleeps Tonight. So Grouchy and I would be sound asleep at, say, 5:30 in the morning, and we would get tickled at how it was normal for us to wake to the "oooo-ooooooo-ooooo-oooooo------oooo-oooo-oooo-00000-00000 the lion sleeps tonight!!"

Today Garrett and I had to travel about 45 minutes from home to do another SIB-R evaluation for his Medicaid intake. It was really just me reading through and answering a bunch of questions about his personal skills, independence, behavior and so on. At first we walked into a little conference room and the lady administering the testing gave him some crayons and coloring pages to help keep him ocupied. Well, that never works. After a few minutes of Garrett scribbling and then asking to go, the kind lady opened her laptop and found some kids' music to keep him occupied while I talked through the SIB-R evaluation. And guess what song he clicks first.....yep, THE LION!! SO there I am laughing inside as I answer questions about my son's hurting himself and others and how we are concerned about his behaviors, and there is that silly song blaring from the computer. It was just one of those funny moments!!!

I have so much to blog about from this past week of the county fair where the girls exhibited their three horses. I even have photos!!! However, I am completely spent and need to get to sleep. We have one more fair next week, this time for Ainslee to show her two heifers Beth and Adelaide. Oh, and we entered the photography contest with some of our photos and Ainslee, Addie and I each won fifty cents!! Woooo-Hooooo!!!

Blessings to each of you who keep up with us, pray for us, and continue to fight the fight!!!


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