Saturday, July 16, 2011

Garrett's Year In Review

Our precious boy turns six years old tomorrow. I complied the hilights of the past 12-18 months of his cute little face to celebrate his year!


  1. Love it!! Happy Birthday, Garrett-the-Cutie!!

  2. So sweet! I love that he told he loves you. He is so dang cute!!!

  3. Clara-Leigh,
    What a beautiful family! I love your blog. You all have to come over for BBQ before summer gets away from us. :)

  4. Clara-Leigh,

    As I sit in the hospital in the PICU with Hudson, I started going through my mail from the past month we've been gone. I opened the package with the mito bracelet...I love it...what perfect timing...I look at it and see the words " believe" it is comforting and a perfect reminder to have hope even in the darkest days.
    Thanks so much....i will send a check in the mail as soon as we get out of here...thanks for your patience...I am so sorry it is taking so long!

    Hope the birthday was fabulous for your little guy!