Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Above: My mom, dad, dog Camper, Addie, Ainslee and Garrett

Today was my dad's birthday, and we are so glad he was here in Idaho so we could celebrate with him!! We enjoyed a cake the kiddos decorated. And Garrett even enjoyed it a little early, or at least that is what we thought must have happened given the hand print in the middle!!!

People call their fathers, biological or step or adopted, many different names. There's Dad, Daddy, Father, Pappa, and the list goes on with different cultures. But my father is different. You see, I cannot peg a single name that would best suit him because to me, he is larger than life, smarter than everyone else, and just simply amazing. He is my hero!I am so richly blessed, especially with the family God placed me with since birth. Yes, I am an only child, so I may be biased, but I have to say I have the best dad in the world. But is he Dad, Father, Daddy, Pop? He is all of those. He is the man who tenderly rocked me when I was a fussy infant, the patient, loving daddy who somehow ushered me through my toddler years as I tried to stab his eye out with a screwdriver. He is the dad who spent countless hours sharpening my skills and love for all sports available in my hometown AND made me learn to be proficient in public speaking. He is the father who made sure I was home for curfew and made me wake him and kiss him goodnight to be sure I had not been drinking.....which I NEVER did. The worst thing in the world was to disappoint me, and it wasn't a fear thing, but a respect. He is the teacher who encouraged me through all my years of school, never letting me get away with substandard in anything. He is the wisdom that could give me "that look" that let me know his disapproval. The most lasting lesson he taught me was delivered many, many times and still rings in my heart today and even comes out of my mouth frequently to my daughters is, "All You need to do is to do your best. The rest will work out." I always called him Dad, and now we call him Pop, as that is who he is to my children. Pop fits. He is so good with my kiddos, and he has so much wisdom and information and humor he shares now with them. I feel completely certain that no other man could have raised me to be successful like my dad did. I know I needed all he had in his mind and heart even though many times I am sure he wondered if he would survive parenting me and chasing me while encouraging me to set goals and chase dreams. I am just so blessed!!!! And how can I begin to thank he and my mom for spending all summer with us and COUNTLESS hours and hours helping us with Garrett. It's been even more helpful than I could have imagined!!!!! I pray we have many, many years ahead to celebrate more birthdays, and I hope he knows that I will never let him down or turn my back on him!!! And someday, if he actually "needs" me, I will be completely honored to try to return even a millionth of what he has given me.

THANK YOU, Dad!! I love you. Happy birthday!!!


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