Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My NERVES!!!!!!

Combine #1 Without the Header

Grouchy started a custom harvesting business back in Louisiana recently. He has two combines that can harvest wheat and soybeans. He is a farmer at heart, and I am a closet farmer as well. Well, I prefer the rancher title, but with only two cows....... I digress. Anyhow, Grouchy started rolling through fields last week harvesting soybeans for a number of farmers near his parents' home in White Castle, LA. Addie, Ainslee and I had planned to go visit family and friends there while Grouchy was there working, and then Grouchy informed me that I will be trained by our great friend David for two days, then turned loose to run a combine for several days. Keep in mind that our dream has been to have a farm or ranch and to work together. So now it happens and I am really getting nervous. First, we are a custom business, so we cut other people's crops. I really do not want to let anyone down!! Second, I know how much these machines cost and how sensitive they can be, and geez, can't I get a month of training??? Unpaid???? I have read enough of the manual to know where the two fire extinguishers are located. However, I have no idea how to turn the combine on and get it hot enough to start a fire........

My folks will stay in Idaho with Garrett, so Grouchy's mom will have time with just Addie and Ainslee, perhaps tons of time since both of their nutty parents will be on huge machines getting crops out of fields!!!

All I can do is pray, listen and learn, and hope I don't have to use a fire extinguisher!!!!!

Today was spent getting feed restocked for all our critters, cleaning the house, moving irrigation pipes to get the pasture and the alfalfa field watered, and spraying weed killer so my parents don't have so much to do and I come home to green where I want it and brown everywhere else...ha!!!

Godspeed, and pray the combine and the beans and I get along!!


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