Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tiny Ainslee Shows her Big Cow!

This week is fair for Ainslee. She will be showing her two yearling Hereford heifers Beth and Adelaide. And did I mention Ainslee had them artificially inseminated last week and we think they are both pregnant??? How exciting?!?!?!? SO they have about the same gestation as humans, so we hope Ainslee will be very impatiently awaiting the birth of her heifers' calves around May 7 of next year. Gosh, seems like a very long wait!!

In preparation for fair, Ainslee had to complete and turn in her record book for her 4-H beef breeding project and be interviewed for about 10 minutes about her record book and the project. She had to have some photos in her record book. Well, she didn't HAVE TO, but with a kid this cute, how could we NOT put some in!! So here is 50 pound Ainslee showing 1000 pound Beth earlier this year in her first show. She will move into the fairground barn on Wednesday morning and show Thursday.

THANK YOU to those of you who have helped us get the heifers and take care of them and learn soooooo much!!!! Lori and Kelly, you gals have been such assets and wonderful friends!!! Mr. Sarceda, thank you for the GREAT deal on the hundreds of pounds of grain!!!! DiDi, Nina, Pop, Sarah, Lee, Rebecca, Louis, Sophia and local friends, thank you for letting Ainslee practice showing her heifers in front of the kind audiences!!! Ainslee hopes to grow a herd of cows and sell the steers so she can afford to buy one horse of every color!! That's so Ainslee!!

In other news, tonight we were invited to meet some of our 4-H friends at the local drive-in theatre!!! It was such a blast!! And it was cheap. We watched Cars 2. We had so much fun that we believe we just might boycott regular movie theatres since we have two drive-in theatres nearby and enjoyed everything about it!

Okay, okay, must get some sleep!!! Blessings to each of you and prayers for so many families living in hospitals with their Mito kiddos right now.



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