Friday, May 6, 2011

UMDF Symposium....Chicago Here I Come!!

It's official!!!!
My parents will be here in Idaho with my kiddos.
I have an AMAZINGLY generous, kind friend who gave us some buddy passes for an airline!!
I booked my hotel room for a couple of nights in Chicago.
I registered with the UMDF for the two day conference...

I get to go to Chicago all my myself to the United Mitochondrial Disease Symposium in June!!! I am just giddy thinking of finally getting to sit with all of the experts in Mito and hear them and talk to them and pick their brains.........but even more exciting than that is that I finally get to hug the necks of so many other moms who I have gotten to know and love through a couple of message boards on the internet. I am just too excited!!!!! I think I have a roomie as well, so that will be fun!!!! All that's left is renting a car!! And another bonus is that I will stay a couple nights after the conference to visit with the same friends who gave me the buddy pass!!!! SWEEEET!!! The flights are pretty full Sunday and Monday, so I may get three nights with them. How cool would that be??

So barring any unforeseen medical issues with us or travel issues with my parents, I will see some of you in Chicago in June!!! Looking forward to good friends, loads of information, and just some plain old down time!!!!


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  1. I'm so excited for you! You definitely deserve the down time! Who are you rooming with, anyone I know?

    I have to admit I teared up a little bit when you wrote, hug the necks...I think I might be a little emotional if I got a chance to meet you all. Just been a long time, we all have this connection, I've known many of you for years and it would be nice to finally see you face to face. Hugs.