Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sensory Boy and Loose Tooth

I have just realized our next big obstacle with our little man, Garrett. Loose tooth. He will be six years old this summer, and I think he has his first loose tooth. It is on the bottom in the front, and it looks a little crooked. He grinds his teeth tons, and most of both of his front, top teeth are ground almost to his gums. Tonight and one day before this, he started complaining about his "mouth hurting." Well this evening he went into a complete panic about it screaming, running through the house hitting the walls and holding his mouth. I thought it was a bad bout of reflux at first, but soon realized it is the tooth. Poor guy. This tooth loss business is going to be a nightmare. I feel so bad for him. He gets so worked up and angry and sad and LOUD!!!!

Another sensory issue came up today when we were driving home from the YMCA and he started screaming, "Why is this on my HAND??????" He had a half inch splinter in the palm of his hand just barely under the skin. I pulled over to see it and could not squeeze it out, and he was going even more nuts. So the next block I pulled into Walgreens Pharmacy and grabbed cotton, hydrogen peroxide and some really sharp tweezers. He went crazy in the car, but I was able to get most of it. He still stayed upset for a while, but there was no way we could have made the 13 mile drive with the splinter in his hand. He was absolutely in a terror and rage. It was so sad.

In the above situations and more each day, I am feeling more peace. I have been praying for God to help me feel more compassion for Garrett and get back onto his team, not my own. And God is working in my heart, moving my thoughts and motives and loyalties back where they belong. I am home alone with Garrett today, and I had time to observe his little world more, truly watch and listen. He had a horrible couple of hours after our nap today. And he woke this morning at 4:30 and really didn't go back to sleep. I have not had my hubby and other two kiddos here, and it has given me more time to focus on Garrett and listen to his needs. First, I note how much more intense his needs are than I ever acknowledged. He truly needs someone almost every minute. Second, God showed me more how confused and frustrated Garrett is trying to live in the world. He isn't trying to be upset or bad. That takes TONS of energy, and no one would choose to live like he lives. Third, like the psychologist and developmental pediatrician tell us, he NEEEEEEEEDS lots of positive reinforcement. He thrives on it......any attention, really, even negative attention. But as I spoke with him today, he reveled in the positive, and I saw some god results. I also saw how in tune he is with my emotions and reactions. Wow, profound.

Tomorrow will be another nice, mild day here. Garrett and I plan to hang out at home with me getting some projects finished and him playing in his hills of sand in the back yard. I have been invited to a friend's home for dinner with her friends, and I got in touch with a new respire caregiver who just graduated from high school and plans to go into elementary special education. Wow, great fit, and I have met this sweet gal already in another setting in town. So tomorrow will be nice at home, and I have a fun social evening to look forward to and a new sitter to help out here and there as needed.

I miss my sweet daughters who are still in Louisiana. However, I am enjoying getting their rooms super-clean and the bathrooms all spotless. Easier when there is no one using them!!!!!

Prayers for all the Mito kiddos and Autistic kiddos tonight who just don't ever really fit into the "normal" of this world.
My parents are coming very soon.....YAY!!!!!!!

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