Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just Me and My (little) Man For the Week

While Grouchy is doing some work to get our custom combine and haul business off the ground back in the Southeast, Garrett and I have a week together. A few months ago I would have dreaded this, but I have a new perspective on things, largely in part to lots of prayer, a FABULOUS book I am reading entitled DANCING WITH MAX (about a mom and her autistic son), and just some long-awaited peace. Sure, my stomach is still in knots and I need to spend my entire day on my knees asking for more patience and guidance from the Heavenly Father, but all in all, this week is good. I have used one of our respite workers for the last two nights to get errands run without Garrett in tow, and then from now until Tuesday when my parents arrive, Garrett and I will be on our own enjoying our little paradise.

Today, a dump truck brought six loads of sand to our ranchette to give us good surface for our round pen where we work our horses. But for Garrett, it was HEAVEN!!! He loved watching the sand dump, but then he took his dump truck out and started his own work!! It was very, very windy and a little cool today, and then it will be cool tomorrow, but hopefully less windy so my construction pal can enjoy playing in his piles of sand all day!!! If it's not nice outside, we will probably drive a half hour to a fun indoor play place with bunches of inflatable bouncy things and lots and lots of trampolines.

I am having fun putting the finishing touches on the bunkhouse in our barn. My parents will be here soon and staying through SEPTEMBER!!! HUGE, HUGE, HUGE!!!!!! I can't wait to just hug their necks and probably cry my eyes out. It's been an emotional past year with each of my parents losing their last living parents, the terrible devastation of the tornadoes in their area, and then Garrett......just so much changing and morphing in our lives and our world. I look forward to lots of quality and quantity time with two of the biggest blessings in my life. Ever since we have had our kiddos, when my parents have come to see us, we have usually used that time to take off for some couple time. And don't get me wrong...we LOVED that time as husband and wife, but that meant we were not spending that much time with my parents. Then when I would go visit them, it was usually for only 5-7 days, and it was time spend zooming here and there and all we could to visit family and old friends. SO when we would get home from those visits, we usually needed a vacation!! And my parents will likely need a vacation, a serious one after a summer with us!!

Oh, and the other news. I have glasses now!! I know, not that big for news, but I have never had them before. I am AMAZED how crisp and clear things are suppose to be!!!! Truly a relief!! Now blogging even feels better!!

On a really, truly disgusting note, another online friend, who I have also spoken to in person who lost a son to Mito this year, has had to stop blogging because some JACK @%# STOLE HER DEAD SON'S information and CLAIMED HIM ON THEIR TAXES!!!!! HOW STUPID, HEARTLESS, AND WEAK of the LOSER who has caused this sweet, mourning family even MORE pain and trouble. So here is my comment on this from my perspective: If you read this and have any intent to harm me or my family, I will hunt you down......and I am very, very, very persistent when I set my mind, and I have a handgun. I'm just sayin'!!!!
The End

Okay, back to the lighter side. Off to bed as soon as my recorded American Idol episode ends, naming the Idol for this season. I have never watched it before this season, but our family has truly enjoyed following the only show we have ever really followed. It's funny how on our two hour per week television diet we have gotten to follow a series!! Fun!

Last, Garrett's teacher, Debbie, came over for a home visit and to bring Garrett's end of the year book and some of his belongings. We had a nice visit, but I cried through most of it. This lady, Debbie, is totally an angel and gave so much to our son this past year. I cried like this when Garrett left his amazing teacher in Louisiana AND when he finished his preschool year. I am so deeply humbled by these teachers who are completely dedicated, way underpaid and too unappreciated. I plan to have Debbie and the rest of her staff over for a back porch luncheon after my parents arrive. I am hoping to throw together some goody bags or some type of gifts for them......I will gladly take recommendations!!!

Wow, I was full of words tonight!
Blessings to you and yours, and thank you for your comments and thoughts and prayers and calls.

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