Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Itty-Bitty Things

A few evenings ago while Ainslee was out feeding the horses and cows their evening grain and I was scooping manure (not that much of a clean freak here as I am trying to keep the fly population down!!), Ainslee took off running from the front porch of our guest house/barn where we have several small alfalfa bales stacked out of the rain (we use rain very loosely around will see people putting on rainsuits when the "rain" isn't even enough to wet my hair.....). She was headed to the house screaming, "Addie, WE HAVE A KITTEN!!!!!!!!!" Squeeling at the top of her lungs as she was running, she was hard to understand, but I finally got it!! So Addie came out to investigate and Ainslee found another!!! Names are still pending along with gender confirmation we will get Monday when they go to the vet for shots. Garrett calls them his "babies," and wants to push and carry them everywhere!!! So far the dogs are scared of them!! These kittens were just what we many ways. Sure, we can always use more mouse patrol out here in the farm country, but more than that, they brought new life, smiles, loads of giggles, and fresh new responsibility for Addie and Ainslee. These two critters were such a blessing while Grouchy is working in Alaska, and it made the time pass more quickly. God's tiniest creations are usually my favorites....



  1. Both Garrett and the kittens are so cute!! What a beautiful smile that sweet boy has!! Tell him Aunt Wicki says she misses and loves him!! My kiddos think the darker one looks like it could be Diamond's baby! Love and hugs to you all.

  2. Awww, I remember when our cat was little. Adorable!