Thursday, May 19, 2011

Beatiful Girls!

I tend to think these are some truly beautiful girls, but I am most fond of the one in the middle, my sweet, spunky, brilliant Ainslee. I love you, girlie!!!!!!

Sometimes moments make me smile, and smile BIG!!! The was one of those last week!!! Amidst all of the frustration, reality, heartbreak and challenge of our current life situation with our son, there are moments that are so special and cause me to stop to count my blessings. Ainslee is the most amazing 8 year old I know, and I am so blessed to get the opportunity to live under this roof with her. Grouchy and I enjoyed an evening out with just our Ainslee tonight. She always likes Outback for favorite!! We also enjoyed watching her in her gymnastics classes tonight. She is doing so well!!!
And today she had a checkup by her pediatrician, and Grouchy stayed home (THANK YOU!!!!) with Garrett while Ainslee ran more errands and had so much fun just being "us girls." I love her, adore her, cannot get enough of her sweet blue eyes, contagious laugh, heavenly smile and sweet, sweet snuggles!!!!

Our Addie is in Louisiana with her grandparents and cousins and all for another couple of weeks, and gosh do I miss my big girl!!!!!!

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