Friday, February 18, 2011

My Boy Skis!!!!!

Today I took Addie, Ainslee and Garrett to ski before we picked Grouchy up at the airport from his two week work trip. I was not sure if I could handle Garrett on skis by myself, but I prayed about it and it worked!! I even got him to cooperate with his backpack with the handles so he could ski ahead of me. He did soooooo much better today than last time because I put the Edgie Wedgies on his skis.....straps the hold the front ski tips together. This gave him enough stability to learn to stop and even start to turn some!! AND we rode the lift on the bunny slope SIX TIMES and he was a real champ!! Yes, it's a workout for me, but that goes along with my theory that my live is an athletic event!! Here's a clip of Garrett skiing and of him clocking me with a few snowballs!!!

Godspeed, Clara-Leigh



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  1. That made me laugh. :-) Y'all are so fun! He just couldn't be any cuter. I am impressed that he already knows how to ski...I don't! Thanks for sharing!