Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Haircut Dance by Garrett

Garrett was due for a haircut, and the only way to do this is at home with DJ Heavy G at the iPod Home spinning the tunes. After the haircut (which involves screams, jumping, frothing at the mouth and numerous attempts to run away), I left the bathroom for a few minutes and returned to see the beginning of this dance deal, but then I left to get the camera and got lucky enough to CATCH him in the jive. Hope you enjoy this like we do!!!! My cheeks hurt from laughing each time I watch it!! Godspeed, Clara-Leigh (who has NO dance moves whatsoever!!!)



  1. This has to be my kids favorite post ever!! Everyone is cracking up and making me play it over and over so they can "boogie with Garrett"!!! What a neat memory captured! He is so cute and has great rhythm!
    Love you,

  2. Nope - not yours or Grouchy's kid.....MINE!! Great moves aka AUNT BEBWA!