Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Wanna Ride My Twactuh da Snow, Mommy!

Garrett has been asking when he could drive his tractor in the snow for so long, way before we moved from Louisiana. Today we opened the blinds, and there was the SNOW!! It stayed around most of the day, but there was less than an inch. Tomorrow and Tuesday should dump at least a few more inches on us, and then the temps will PLUNGE!
So far, he does pretty well in the cold IF we catch him on the way out in time to get a hat and gloves and shoes other than his Crocs on!! Without them, he plays for about 15 minutes, then has a tantrum as his hands start to hurt and freeze. SO we have to get better at protecting him. All he thinks about is being OUTSIDE!!!!!! Addie absolutely loves the cold, and she has the clothes and gear for it, so that's a huge help! Ainslee has a fun time making snow angels...on her STOMACH...she has to do things differently. It's just her style.

Lucy was very happy to see her hay this morning. It wasn't too cold today. I love the snow in her mane and the big mouth full of alfalfa!

I saw some good lighting and a great backdrop of Addie's horse, Lucy, and then Remington wagged his way into this photo. It was a cute shot, but check out the next one, my new favorite.....

Wow, wow wow, so pretty, and she is MINE!!! Okay, she is God's and I have been trusted with her care, but I can claim her for a while!!! So blessed!

Ainslee took her turn making pancakes but then got tired of the task and left me ALONE....not always a good idea, but then I decided to write her name in pancake. She loved it!

Aunt Jen, Chris and Sarah are here from Louisiana. I prayed they would get to see some snow, and then this morning it was snowing and the ground was all white! It was so pretty! We had fun today skipping Sunday School to play, then attending Deer Flat Church. We came home for chili for lunch, and then Jen and I felt our tummies not feeling so great. I napped and chilled most of the day, but the children were in and out all day riding 4-wheelers, making snowmen and warming up with gallons of hot chocolate!!! Stay tuned for photos from the snow fun!!!

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  1. These pics are so sweeet...and that BOY of yours, he is tooo cool! Glad theyre enjoyin the snow. We just got dumped on too, about 4 ins anyway...but enough for them to make a sno-ball. Us parents dont think its all that cool when we run out of milk and cant get out of the driveway though! Thanks for the update, have a great Holiday with family :)
    Heidi & Jack
    (thanks for your prayers for my Dad)