Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wow, the views!

I have no way to know how long we will live here, what tomorrow or next week hold, but I do know that as long as I have the chance to see things this beautiful, I will have my camera out, and I will catch as much as I can.

I have affectionately claimed our neighbor's tree as MY YELLOW TREE!! Soon it will be my brown tree, and a few weeks ago it was just another green tree. But the weather is changing, the days getting shorter, and among the green wheat and the brown of the desert mountains, my yellow tree is spectacular. Enjoy it with me:

This photo has a yellow tree too, but it is not mine. Mine is fuller than this one!! Yesterday and last night, some snow fell in the mountains just in front of our house. We only got drizzle and a few tiny flurries, but up higher in this photo, you can see the tops of the higher hills dusted with snow.....
And along the same mountain range, just looking a little farther west, these areas have even more white on them!! Pretty!!! I love the contrast of winter and summer, browns, greens and now whites!

And I had to include this kitty, Diamond, Ainslee's cat because it's cute AND that's MY YELLOW TREE you can see in the distance!!!!

We enjoyed both of the girls rock climbing at the YMCA today. They were VERY proud to have Grouchy there to watch and cheer them on. Addie climbed for over an hour and is gaining so much strength!! I am so thrilled to report this!
Oh, and another big piece of news: Last night while Grouchy had the girls at gymnastics, Garrett began to complain about his ears hurting. Keep in mind his 5th set of tubes has fallen out. He was fine, but the big news is that he stood by himself and allowed the PA to LOOK IN HIS EARS without being held down like a wild animal. It took so much for him to hold it together like that. It was the first time he has EVER done that!!!! His ears were clear. He has cut a molar, so maybe that's the pain. Who knows? He fell asleep in my car on the way home, and I know he hasn't slept in the car for any amount of time in literally YEARS!!
Off to pray prayers of thanks for everything....every blessing I can think of!!
Meanwhile, please pray for my mom's mom, Clara Burrett, 95 years old, who is hanging on during her final hours of this earthly life. I love her, and I hope she knows it!!


  1. I am so glad your hubby made it home safely! You really do have some breath-taking views. We have a tree similar to that across from the house we are living was so red it looked like it was on fire! However, there was not so much beauty surrounding it as your yellow tree. :-)

    I am so happy to hear that Garrett took everything like a champ....I know that was a blessing! He is just the cutest little thing. :0)

    I will be praying for your grandmother and for the rest of your family. It will be easy for me to remember her name. :-)


  2. Beautiful pictures!! Can't wait to see it all in person! Just 20 more days!!
    Love you all,