Tuesday, November 9, 2010

.....Shake Your BOOTY!!

Oops, I put a tease in that last post but never let you off the hook, just in case you noticed!!

So the last night while my parents were visiting us, we went to this really, really yummy Mexican restaurant. My mom had given Garrett a Halloween card with a ghost on it, and when a button is pushed, the card plays the song Shake Your Booty. Garrett LOVES anything that produces sound of any sort, so he would play the card over and over and over. He had also learned the song quite well, even the first of the chorus that says AAHHHHH....
So we are finishing dinner and Garrett gets out of his chair, drums on the table with his hands (very, very common anywhere we are for him to drum on things) and starts to dance, then sing at the top of his lungs for our table and the other 8 occupied in the small restaurant, "Aaaahhhhhhhhhh, shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake your BOOTY. Shake your Booty!!" Needless to say, this restaurant no longer needs to look to Mariachi bands for entertainment when Garrett is in the house!

Godspeed, and Shake YOUR Booty!!!

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  1. Laughing this morning as I mentally picture "Garrett the Entertainer" shaking it for everyone!!!