Friday, August 27, 2010

We are MOVING now!!!

The items are packed

The truck is here

Time to farewell

Our town so dear.

Nine years in a house

That was such a great home

So hard to just leave

But soon we'll be gone.

Tiny fingerprints soon gone

Pitter-patter of baby feet a hush

As I type this little ditty

And become crying mush.

A huge thanks to our family

Who love us so much

And of course to our friends

How we were blessed by such!

In prayer and in faith

We make the long trek

Trusting God's loving arms

Geez, writing this is making me a wreck!!!

Our new home in Idaho

Is where we will make our new bed

Among our dreams of more land and healthier kids

We know we've been led.

So I log off my laptop

In hopes of fun times

When you pack your bags

And brave the airport lines.

When we invite you to come visit

Please know we are sincere

We'll have the guest house ready

Because you are so dear.

So long to people of Gonzales

We'll be back soon

And enjoy coming to stay

In YOUR guest room!!!!

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