Thursday, August 12, 2010

Speechless......not often!!!

I am speechless.......and it is a very, very rare occurrence in my earthly life.
I had dinner to say bye to some sweet, loving friends tonight...ones who can hear what I have to say and still think I am not completely nuts. Ones who loved me through scary times when Garrett was not doing well physically, and ones who listen now and love me through it all. It was relaxing, funny, somewhat hazardous, but overall FUN!!!!! Thank you GIRLS!!!
Moving date is approaching!!! We have movers lined up, plane tickets purchased for me to fly back to LA and get the kiddos, but still no date on when our things will arrive in Idaho. That would be good to how many air mattresses do we need to buy?
Grouchy is about halfway in his 14 days in Alaska. We all miss him.
Garrett finished his second day of school and loved it, of course. I have some homework to do to get his mito cocktail administered to him during school. Meanwhile, I will be driving to school at 11:45 each morning to give it, then home, then to get him at 2 to bring him home for his nap.
Time for sleep, or lately, more like rest!! Hoping my brain lets me sleep more tonight!! Lots to think about. Lots I worry about, so need to sign off an pray!!

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