Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 1 of 4: To Idaho

Grouchy, my hubby, has named out move "Little House On the Prairie On Steroids." Somewhat fitting for modern times, but our reasons for heading west are much like the popular books and television series.
This morning we kissed Ainslee and DiDi bye and headed out around 9 am. We made more stops today than we will in the next three days. We had to adjust the load on the 20 x 8 bumper pull trailer behind my Yukon XL as it was swaying with the load of two kids' fourwheelers and a Polaris Ranger ATV. The horses did great. The dogs, Camper (Pekingese mix) and Remi (huge yellow lab) ended up in my backseat, and Ainslee's kitty, Diamond has a two story condo we made for her out of a dog crate. She has food, water, litter box, need for freedom!! So she is safe and sound!
We found an adorable little reining horse ranch in Weatherford, Texas, just west of Ft. Worth. Pecan Bottom Ranch has a new barn with the most adorable guest apartment in the barn. It is like pages from Pottery Barn catalogs!! It's perfectly appointed, and the owners, Nancy and Alan, have made us and all the critters at home for the evening. Nancy even has milk, OJ, coffee, half and half, fresh sliced fruit, yogurt, pastries, cereals and so on. And so comfy!!!!!
We will be turning in very soon and getting up very early for a 12 hour drive to stay with friends at their ranchette in Colorado Springs. Since the movers will likely not deliver our goods to Idaho until Thursday or Friday, we slowed our trip after tomorrow, so that instead of getting to our new home in Homedale, Idaho, on Tuesday, we will just drive from CO Springs 7 hours to Salt Lake City, Utah, and then on Wednesday drive 6 hours on to the new house.
Here are a few pics from the day.....Remi hanging with my while I drive, Ernie and Lucy grazing at Pecan Bottom Ranch, and then a photo of our little B&B for tonight. Whoops, photos won't load. May have to go back and crank up our old blog. Photo attaching here is a pain and sometimes doesn't even work at right now....ggggrrrrr....
Thank you for continued prayers for safe travels!!

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