Friday, August 13, 2010

Bedtime Story

Once upon a time, a buyer made an offer on a house. It was a low, low offer. Seller tried to bargain. Buyer walked away. Buyer came back again after a month with same low, low offer. This time the seller accepted. Buyer brought parents with him to inspection. Inspection was not bad....several items which could be addressed within a couple of days. Parents talked buyer out of buying the house. Moral of the story: Once you are an adult with your own spouse and family, it's mature to make your own decisions. But some people always need Mom and Dad to parent as long as Mom and Dad are around. Maybe Mom and Dad are footing some of the bill....hhhhmmm.
Of course, this story couldn't have happened to us in the past 36 hours....could it???
I will leave it to your imagination.
The End

On to other things besides our bedtime story:
Everything is a go so far for our homestead in Homedale, Idaho!!! YAAAAY!!!!!
Ous loan is all good to go, we got a good interest rate, and we are working with a super-nice guy in Homedale. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE keeping our business dealings in our homestead town when possible. He gave us an good interest rate on a 15 year mortgage...GO DENNIS!!!!
Inspection had several things on it that inspector noted (much like the bedtime story), but knowing we were getting a GREAT price on the place (like the guy and his wife in the bedtime story) we only asked for a couple of things to be addressed, and they have already been done very quickly!! (Did I mention in the bedtime story that the sellers will have all the repairs to said house complete in a week even thought the buyer walked away today and canceled the contract without even asking for repairs or giving seller to address the items mentioned??) We already have a housekeeper lined up to clean the house and guest house in Idaho before we arrive and even LINE THE SHELVES in the kitchens for us (CLEAN, just like we plan to leave out house in LA when it sells!!!). The water test came back good. The realtor, Granny Birdlegs as she has asked my kids, her adopted grandkids, to call her, is so sweet. She is going to The Place Which Must Not Be Named (starts with Wal and ends with Mart) to get the shelving paper for us. We are so thankful for Granny Birdlegs!!! We can't wait to go horseback riding with her. God has already blessed us with such a cool person in our new town!! Movers come to get our things August 26 and 27, then we start driving...uuugggh....long drive....32 hours with animals and Grouchy.....but in separate vehicles. He gets the horses.....of course I get the two dogs, cat, and whatever goes along with that!! Between Grouchy's mom and other family, the kiddos will stay in LA another week or just less than a week and I will fly home and be the bad guy by wisking them away to the other corner of the universe. I know, it's all my fault. I am a bad daughter in law. I get it. And the message is being received SILENT AND CLEAR.

Well, there you have it, not just an update from us, but also a bedtime story. I cannot mention names or locations of the story as I have to protect the ignorant...I mean innocent. Did I just say that?? We will sign the cancellation papers tomorrow, relist the house at a reduced price and probably get more than this very low offer we had accepted. It's really off. Folks said they would not be picky on inspection repairs since were getting such a great deal, but then walked away. God and I have been chatting.....instead of just me ranting. I am trying to make up now. Actually, He is always there, but I pull away when I don't get my way. I am trying harder....daily Bible reading is back on track, devotional and prayer time is back in the morning and evening mix. Thanks for listening/reading while I have been in my pity slump. Funny how on a day like today when we have been completely shafted and our time wasted completely after we were more than reasonable to people, I feel things are looking up. Life is good. I am blessed. I love my husband and family, and I have the best friends a person could ever want!!!

Garrett has been to school three days now, or maybe four.....either way, he had a good week. He still will not go to sleep at naptime, so I pick him up at about 1:45. I also have to go to school each day at 11:45 to give him his noon mitochondrial cocktail until we get all the forms and labels and all right so the aides can administer the cocktail at school. Lots of hoop jumping here on that, but it will be okay. Our adopted college daughter, Laramie, will keep Garrett for us tomorrow and if, if, if, PLEASE the weather will cooperate, we will be joining Uncle Lee, Aunt Becca, Louis and Sophia for a day of boating on their new fish and ski!!!! We are so excited to be out on the water!!! I know Garrett would not enjoy it for long, so he will have fun taking Laramie to get her hair cut and get school supplies at Office Depot. He loves to chauffer his ladies around town.....especially when they let him play with their iPhones!!!

Godspeed and nite nite!!

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  1. Well I don't like that bedtime story!

    I'm glad that things are working out for you guys in Idaho at least:) Oh and I can NOT imagine how mad our family would be if we moved Tucker away from them....they'd be ok with us leaving, but not him! Even if it was really for his own good.

    Let me know when you get the paperwork figured out for the mito cocktail at school, we haven't figured it out yet. I haven't started Tucker on all of the supplements yet, and I don't think he will HAVE to get any at school, but it would be good to know.