Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Addie, Ainslee and Sophia's Lemonade Stand

Sunday afternoon we enjoyed having our new niece (by Aunt Becca and Uncle Lee's wedding) join us at the house to play. After they made a blanket fort in the girls' room, had a couple of snacks, played some games and watched a few minutes of television, the girls ran up to me with a big sign made of butcher paper advertising a lemonade stand to raise money for the upcoming MDA Telethon. We made a pitcher of lemonade, found some paper cups and some change and the girls ran to ask the next door neighbors (who are in a subdivision next to our rural lot) if they could sell out of their side yard. The neighbors agreed, so off we went to their yard with a big table and all the other items for the big sale. Just as we were almost there, it began to rain!! We retreated back to our house where the girls watched t.v. a few more minutes, and when I noticed the rain stop, we headed out again. We were all excited about their idea, but then I began to doubt how many people would be in and out of the subdivision when just then one of Grouchy's high school buddies came by with his daughter and two other little girls in their off-road golf cart. They helped us get the table to the right spot and then bought lots of lemonade!!! Next, the neighbors whose yard we used came out and gave the kids $20!!!! After that the cars and neighbors kept flowing out, and we ran out of three pitchers of lemonade and cups, but most importantly, the girls raised $46.74!!!!!

I'm so proud of my girls, and Garrett too, of course. I thought they were just trying to make some cash, but then I saw they were doing it to raise funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Association!!! Wow, I need a heart like that!!!



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