Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

Almost literally!!!

Got the paperwork and evaluation and all in for Garrett to get his own RED Convaid Scout adaptive stroller. For you moms from the message boards, you will likely want to jump up and down for can be quite an ordeal, and our AMAZING equipment rep we have through the Muscular Dystrophy Association got it done lightening-fast!!! For those of you not knowing what I am talking about, it's a large stroller made to hold a larger kiddo....they come in different sizes. His will be a good size up to 70 pounds and has wonderful, air-filled, knobby tires that are great for everyday use, but especially good for our type excursions: state fair, parades, horse shows, rodeos, light hiking, etc. It's a heavy stroller, too, so has good posturing, h-harness for his safety and posture and very, very stable and safe. So in a couple of weeks, we will have another Scout, but one that fits Garrett and not have to share Addie's Scout. Addie's is blue, his will be red. I pray it arrives before we fly the kiddos to Idaho for the move. Garrett is too big for regular strollers, and he isn't safe to be walking around with us in airports and places where we cannot always pick him up (he hasn't gained weight in about two years, but he weighs 35 pounds and is getting waaaay to tall and active when mad to carry) when he takes off or tantrums.....which is very frequent these days. So he will be safely rollin'!

Second, we have a signed purchase agreement on our house in Louisiana with an August 27 closing. We also have an August 31 closing here in Baton Rouge for our Idaho house. Movers come to pick up our entire wagon load of stuff August 26-27. Once both houses are closed, Grouchy and I will race cross-country with two vehicles, two dogs, a cat, two or three horses, a Polaris Ranger (like a John Deere Gator) and two kid-size fourwheelers. We hope to beat the movers to Idaho.....we have to, really!! So might have to move Idaho closing to be a little sooner or maybe close both on the same head is rollin' now!!!

And then there's very good news from home in Alabama. My father's father, who has an inoperable malignent tumor, who looked close to the end a few weeks ago after radiation and chemo told his hospice ladies he didn't need them and felt so good he wanted to go run around the yard!!! They told him NO. But that's great to hear, no less!!!!!! He is 90. My mother's mom is 95 and had emergency surgery for a tumor similar to my grandfather's this week, and she scared everyone a couple of days ago as she began to bleed uncontrolably, but then now she has stabilized and is even I see maybe with relatives that tough, maybe God IS giving me a little genetic strength, too!!!! Praise be to God for these improvements. I ask for continued prayers for my two grandparents and my parents and family. So let's keep the prayers ROLLIN'!!!!!

Grouchy left for an Alaska trip for work, and we miss him!!! He made it safely to the North Slope where there is a "nales lady behind every tree." He says there are still no trees......

Addie and Ainslee are at dinner and a movie with Aunt Jen and cousins Chris and Sarah. YAY!! They need to get out more like that. Garrett stayed home with me and we napped and played. Time for dinner now.

Hope your day has been a positive one. Here, the many distractions of the move and all have been a good thing. Mom, you know I am always healthier when I have too much to do!!!! Keep ROLLIN'!!!!


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  1. YAAY! I am jumping up and down over the stroller! That's great! We are still in the process of trying to get ours...hopefully soon!

    Good luck with that move.